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Countries that iPhone High Price Sold

Countries that iPhone High Price Sold



Apple iPhone smart phone operating system, prices vary in many parts of the world. The most expensive iPhone is nearly 100 thousand dollars. Here are the countries where the iPhone is sold at high prices on your face:
  • Costa Rica: 852 USD
  • Brazil: 843 dollars
  • Indonesia: 865 dollars
  • Bangladesh: 870 dollars
  • Norway: 867 USD
  • Guatemel A: 889 dollars
  • Argentina: $ 900
  • Dominican Republic: 965 USD
  • Venezuela: 97 thousand 813 dollars (which is quite astonishing for the iPhone and left in a figure most people are astounded and hyper-inflation in the country and the factors that lead to this situation fixed dollar rate. Therefore, the price is much higher than many of the sold products from impossibly value in Venezuela and abroad. and the price is still $ 170 hamburger from abroad for the same reason.
  • Turkey: After the last time Apple made the iPhone the cheapest iPhone model in Turkey SA for $ 645 that sold at prices starting from 2 thousand 399 TL. According to the current 17 Turkey Linio Technology Price Index. It ranks. The total cost to Apple’s phone in just 292 dollars.
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