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Create your miracle beauty of your eyebrows!

Create your miracle beauty of your eyebrows!



fineness of eyebrow shaping 

How to choose the right eyebrow shape? What solutions are useful for spill eyebrows? Anyone tired of seeing the same eyebrows in unusual model? very specific information about your eyebrows will create miracles in your beauty

Our Kas, one of the most prominent element in our face. False eyebrows format destabilize our face and does not create a pleasant image. If you say what is the right eyebrow shape should be in our face, valuable “High Heels” offers you can find the answer in my knack for readers.

Which model suits me frown?

Every year eyebrow makeup trend changes and changes in fashion, however, not an event but to walk with fashion eyebrows. Why do you say; every face shape to a different model for each eye brow shape is designed. It is not got bored of seeing the same expression in all too much anymore? Everyone laughs expressionless. He does not play any eyebrows, this expression of my customers coming years. Kas fashion is no such thing. I’m talking about plain and kapkal and deepest, from an eyebrow. For many years, giving direction to make the world a trademark fashion, a make-up artist, and I do have one right across the globe. He must use an appropriate model to our face and eye structure, we know how you say it:

Get a pen. Keep upright on the edge of your nose, your scratching the tip of the pen indicates the point where you have to start. The slope will gain eye muscles point is the end point of your baby. The point of your brow should end at your eyebrow over the tip of the pen, you can set the cross on your way to taking Hoes.

My eyebrows did it show me young?

When we find the right expression for our eyebrows, we will change our whole image. I believe in giving shape to the eyebrows, fill light when a correct way, the average age is 10 years younger automatically. Otherwise these eyes from the past, gone, crying out or has limited expression. That we women, we want to see an image of ourselves.

How do I poured my eyebrow?

The question I get most, what I do not get my eyebrow? What if I’m too poured out use an image?

softer product, instead of doing makeup eyebrow pencil because the paint’s use eyebrow pencil with eyebrow but hard knocks and shed lights on dust never hurt eyebrows. If you say I want a more permanent solution, the method of filling the intermediate eyebrows with permanent vegetable dye your eyebrows with a new system microblading system, you can restore a proper shape.

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