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Do you know your skin type?

Do you know your skin type?



The skin of everyone in terms of structure shows similarities but every skin is unique. General categories of skin type separates into three sections. Do you know your skin type?

Normal or mixed skin types, divided into oily skin and dry skin. These appear in three different skin condition is a very rare condition. By age and skin characteristics may vary with the seasons change. For you to determine your skin type and make him the proper care, according to details that we can determine your skin type.

Normal and combination skin

Normal skin is smooth and soft. There is a dull luster and appear healthy. In combination skin, dry cheeks and more forehead, nose and chin area is oily. However in this case it can be seen in normal skin and enters normal skin class.

Oily skin

Coarse and prone to acne. Wash again after a short time gained a glossy finish. Spotty skin, oily skin is like his brother. Pimples are a symptom of a disruption in oil production.

Dry skin

Sometimes it is tough and scaly. Eyes and wrinkles around the mouth can occur at younger ages. often made mistakes in the care of dry skin. After cleaning and stretched fat cream absorbs very quickly.

If you can not decide what type of your skin, consult a cosmetologist. Thus you will avoid using the wrong product.

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