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Dried natural methods and masks for legs

Dried natural methods and masks for legs



Which when you go on vacation or a woman wants to dress, to appear dry her legs when wearing skirts … Of course, no woman … Smooth, soft and shining dream of every woman legs. Of course, efforts need to be exerted to it. Healthy nutrition and fitness can be the first rule. However, it also şart.pe the next regular skin care, which may be utilized to mask with soft legs?

Lemon mask

Ingredients: lemon, sugar and olive oil

Application: Combine all ingredients. your legs in a circular motion, massage a lot and provide hot water without waiting circulation rinse with cold water. Then you rinse your palm rub your legs a little olive oil poured.

Baking powder mask

Materials: liquid soap, baking powder

Application: Mix the baking soda with a little liquid soap dry rub your feet. Light will see the light bubbles. Enjoy this beautiful feeling. Then rinse with warm water. A light moisturizer and see the difference!

Honey mask

Ingredients: Honey, brown sugar

Application: Mix the two ingredients. Your legs in a circular motion, apply massaging. Rinse thoroughly. After the mask that you apply coconut oil or natural moisturizer Do not forget to moisturize your legs with olive oil.

There are several ways you can apply a de …

– Your legs with a whisk on medium soft brush allows you to always have soft legs. You can have a week through your legs like velvet brushing twice.

– If you prefer instead of olive oil and coconut oil to benefit from cosmetic moisturizer protects your legs do not exfoliate and moisture balance.

– Another application can be made to take advantage of fiber-shaped legs Soft gloves. Choose a soap containing moisturizing soap you are using. Because most of the soap dries the skin. After using gloves fiber moisturize your legs necessarily, the most important point! You can get rid of dry legs to find the most suitable for your skin of natural moisturizers.

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