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Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video



Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the hot vacation spot.  Shopping malls, desert safaris, beaches and family entertainment that has become a destination for people flocked. Dubai, Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest building), aquariums, is famous sightseeing places such as ski slopes and shopping malls. They are worth seeing as well as nearby attractions include Dubai has many places & structure.

You will discover wandering around the Bastakiya district of old Dubai, then you will watch the Dubai Creek, and soon you will realize that they have more than their flashy veneer of the city.

1. Burj Khalifa

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s tallest building. (829.8m) Most visitors to 124. his trip to the observation deck on the floor, the first thing you can do while in the city. Overlooking the city, you’ll see this bird’s eye perspective is incredibly beautiful and amazing. Burj Khalifa building was completed in 2010. High speed elevators for a 360 degree view of the sky before it takes you to the observation deck publishes multimedia presentation. One side of the desert, on the other side of the ocean. Especially famous city lights at night to visit Dubai is becoming popular for photographers because of the panorama. Our list of places to visit Dubai was inevitable that at first.

2- Dubai Museum

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

Dubai Museum, Dubai Creek to defend, built in 1787, is located in the Al Fahidi Fort. Castle walls, is organized in conjunction with traditional made of coral and limestone blocks. wooden poles on the upper floor “handmade” is known as. In 1971, one of the museum restored the city’s leading tourist attractions today. Log in Emirates and Dubai has a fascinating exhibition of old maps. In the courtyard is home to many traditional boats are made. I also have a house with a palm-leaf wind tower. In the right hall guns, musical instruments on display in the left room.

3- Bastakiya (Old Town Square)

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

Bastakiya District 19. mainly engaged in textile trade by the end of th century was built as the home of wealthy merchant Moroccan. with a living area contains historical works quite rich in terms of architecture Bastakiya. narrow strips coated with different Arab architecture, evokes the history of Dubai’s history. The main important places to see in the district; traditional Arab ceramics and furniture, XVA Gallery, Majlis Gallery is a contemporary art collection. this is the place to show the other side of the city you should be sure to include nearby attractions of Dubai.

4- Dubai Creek

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

Dubai Creek divides the city north of the city including Deira and Bur Dubai to the south. Gulf, has been an effective element in the city’s growth. The first settlers were attracted to here as fishing and diving.

Dhow Wharfage is north of Al-Maktoum Bridge. The bay is still in use around the small traders. Here you can visit, you can monitor the loading of cargo. Workers occasionally invite visitors to the ship for a tour that you can get an idea about the traditional life of seafarers. still important and fascinating place for a stroll in this small remnant of Dubai’s economy. You can join boat tours to travel across the bay to the small wooden boat or rent.

5- Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai was between the years 1921-1958. Sheikh Saeed’s stay here in the house, it was rebuilt as a museum because it is a beautiful example of Arab architecture. The original house was built in 1896 by his father Sheikh Said. The original house was destroyed, but the present house was rebuilt according to the original model next to the actual location. Thirty-bedroom, waterfront home has its own wind tower above details.

Dubai Historical Museum exhibition of photos and documents that contain many old great photos of Dubai in the year 1948-1953. Fishing in the sea wing of the museum, it’s pearl diving and boat taking pictures of extraction. many letters from all over the Emirates showing the development of the building, map, coins and stamps are on display.

6 Jumeirah Mosque

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai is seen as the most beautiful mosque by many people.  Al-Azhar Mosque, which is eight times the size of a copy of the Jumeirah Mosque, is a fine example of Islamic architecture. showing details of the stone structure was built with two minarets. The mosque is illuminated by the floodlights in the evening takes on a better appearance. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Culture Center, a mosque guided designed to promote a better understanding of the Muslim faith are organizing tours. Tours, 10 hours a day except Fridays begins at 00.

7- Deira Souk

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

Deira, Dubai is located on the northern shore of the Gulf and its winding streets, it attracts the attention of everyone visiting Dubai. Ancient beach sails, modern banks, hotels and office buildings found that loading and unloading is performed in the background. For visitors Deira, it can be done any time of the day shopping means traditional markets. Deira Gold Souq is the world’s largest gold market. Dubai’s “Golden City” is the most important factor in getting your name. From traditional designs to modern design it has all kinds of jewelry. Moreover, you have many options to customize your own design are also available!

Deira Spice Souq, all that comes to mind spices, incense, cumin, red pepper, saffron include sumac and thyme.  Sunday, in the year 1830 was established. Archs and wind towers were restored.

8- Burj al-Arab

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

Burj Al-Arab, 321 m in height. The artificial island in Dubai’s coastline, and has the world’s tallest hotel title. Burj Al Arab is designed to resemble the sail of a light at night as well as the groundbreaking choreography colored lighting to illuminate the sovle quite interesting. One of the world’s most expensive hotel. (More than $ 15,000 in one of the most luxurious suites fee is required.)

Here you can experience the highest level, it is to go to dinner in underwater Al Mahara restaurant. Offering dinner in the life under the water, this hotel also has a bar with spectacular panoramic views of the city. 27. Skyview Bar is located between floors can be found in the preferences.

9- Jumeirah Beach

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

She radiates happiness with white sand coastline. Visitors of Dubai Jumeirah Beach is the number one beach destination, one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Beach; sunbeds, restaurant and jet has many facilities such as skiing. Do you want to leave yourself in the waters of completing your list of places to visit Dubai?

10 The Dubai Mall

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

Dubai Mall is one of the leading tourist destinations in the city. Burj Khalifa and Dubai provides access to the Aquarium. If you are looking for more entertainment options; ice rink, there are also games area and a cinema complex. Shopping and a lot of choices for dining. Almost always there are special events such as live music and fashion shows. The most famous annual Dubai Shopping Festival in January-February and July – August Dubai Summer Surprises happen in the festival. The most important of the shopping center, Dubai Mall, should certainly be on your list of places to visit Dubai.

11 Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

Dubai Aquarium, one of Dubai’s top attractions, the Dubai Shopping Center is located at the ground floor. 140 kinds of sea creatures hanging on Super tank inhabited. If you enter the Underwater Zoo, you have the right to be free from the aquarium tunnel in the shopping center.

Marine life’s many activities you can take a closer look. Glass bottom boat tours are very popular. Shark diving activities may also be interested!

12. Heritage and Diving Village

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

Architectural, cultural and maritime heritage of Dubai. Dubai’s historic pearl diving used to make one of the economic basis of the relevant image with Heritage and Diving (Heritage and Diving) are on display in the village. Traditional and coastal village life, the Persian houses, small gifts they practice their crafts stalls of traditional weaver’s also a café and shops. This region is made up from October to April the local music and dance.

13 Bastakiya Mosque

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

Bastakiya Mosque, United Arab Emirates, may not be the biggest or the most magnificent mosques, but we can say one of the most photogenic. It’s working fine architecture of the beautiful little white facade of the mosque.

14- Mall of the Emirates

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

The city where the magnificent Ski Dubai in the Mall of the Emirates facility is one of the most famous shopping centers. It provided at -4 degrees Celsius in the indoor ski slope. There is also a cinema complex and a family entertainment center. shopping facilities, including dining options to enjoy all kinds of cuisine offered at fair unlimited world.

15 Sheikh Zayed Road

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

Sheikh Zayed Road is located in the main business district of the modern city center of Dubai commerce. This spacious eight-lane highway, rising along the length of the glass, surrounded by chrome and steel wire. Courtyard Gallery (6th Street), which focuses on contemporary art has an excellent collection of Arab artists. On the top floor of the Dubai World Trade tower has an observation deck offering panoramic views.

Bonus: Desert Safari and Camel Tour

Dubai Attractions (15 Great Place) Dubai video

Attractions for you to spend your first day in Dubai, we advise you to take a camel safari and a trip for the afternoon’s second day. A number of sunset desert safari tour company for services including barbecue and a belly dance show.

Other for things to do in Dubai

  • I Ghorfat Majlis-Al Sheif
  • Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Understanding
  • Heritage House
  • Al-Ahmadiya School
  • Dubai Creek Golf and Yatch Club
  • Deira City Shopping Center
  • Mushrif Park
  • Mamzar Park
  • Green Art Gallery
  • Bait Al-Wakeel
  • Great Mosque
  • Palm Islands
  • Camel Racecourse

Ideal Accommodation for Dubai City Tour & Hotel Recommendations

If you want to have easy access to Dubai’s top attractions, it is the ideal place to stay in Dubai Downtown. This lively area with many shops, a restaurant and an art gallery. Sun, sand and sea you’re looking for, from the Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Beach is about 15 minutes drive away is a popular center for tourists.

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