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Easy Diet Lose weight with strawberries!

Easy Diet Lose weight with strawberries!



Seasonal most beautiful strawberry fruit is easy to lose weight with detox properties. Low calorie, high nutrition value of strawberries you can also weaken health. You can find a list of at least 2 weeks the strawberry diet to help lose weight.

First of all we would like to mention the benefits of strawberries, so that the result will be particularly understood that the preferred fruit. A bowl of strawberries is only 50 calories. At first engaged with both diet is a healthy choice for this feature as well as diabetes.

It contains a high rate of cell renewal with vitamin C and fat burning. One of the biggest obstacles to weight loss which helps to cure constipation. It provides prevent excessive sweet cravings that cause weight gain.

When I wake up:

Whether definitely lose weight, say aloud to yourself and to wear clothes that you want to send a message to your subconscious.

Brush your teeth, and 2 cups of cold water.


1 bowl of strawberries thoroughly after washing and thin chop dish. Mix 2 tablespoons of oatmeal on and add 1 cup of milk. 1 teaspoon cinnamon, add 1 teaspoon of flaxseed. Waited two or three minutes to soften the oatmeal.

Eat appetite with the addition of green tea or tea hibiskus.

Why oatmeal? Long full amount, it is easy to prepare and bowels. You can get the transfer and store.


fat burning detox for a large glass of water, you prepare the night before.

Easy Diet Lose weight with strawberries!


1 cup large bowl of salad greens with plenty of structure that you have added to boiled authorities, lentils iron in your body that add the lemon juice and digestion begins immediately.  But certainly not to do edema and weight salt, add the pomegranate. Or you can use vinegar or a teaspoon of olive oil. Paprika, cumin, oregano, add plenty of spices such as mint accelerate metabolism.

A bowl of yogurt

Strawberry you prepare the night for a large glass of water from your detox.


2 Eat small square of dark chocolate with high cocoa content and 4 strawberries and cut cravings for sweets, unappetizing and toga holding a glass of milk with cinnamon.

In addition, fat you prepare the night for a large glass of water to detoxify from burning.


After washing 15 mushrooms thoroughly cook for 15 minutes on the knee on a baking tray, add your favorite spices.

Finely chopped 2 zucchini Eat cooked by adding mint pan without oil.

In addition, the fat you prepare the night for a great cup of tea with your burning.

3 hours before going to sleep:

A bowl of yogurt, add 4 chopped strawberries and mix one teaspoon of mint.

you need to pay attention Strawberry detox:

But at least 30 minutes each day at fast pace every day, you should walk your sweat to flow back. not necessarily need to go out for a walk, you can walk in the room of your home.

You should do exercise every day, but running the entire body every day for 10 minutes.

2 liters of water every day, but you should drink every day.

Every moment I SUCCEED yourself, you’ll also IMAGINARY my ACHIEVED.

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