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Expert opinion: Why do I lose weight fast?

Expert opinion: Why do I lose weight fast?



When you are out of your diet and lose weight but gives you a little list of sports you having to take regional fat fast weight problem? Internal medicine specialist Dr. Length: Rock, rapid weight explains the reasons for the German and tells your fat burning foods for healthy weight loss.

  • What should be our body fat ratio?

Fat cells is a crucial organ for the human body. Just like our lungs, our heart, like our brains. In our body, especially Vitamins A, D, E, K store is the place. It allows the body temperature, prevents pulls bone fractures due to external shock. Where is the synthesis of certain hormones. For that reason, incompatible with life is zero fat in a human body. Adipose tissue should be absolute in the body. But the rate for women in male than 30% of body weight, especially if more than 25% of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, joint disease and can cause many types of cancer.

Fat cells are dispersed throughout the whole body. But more are scattered in some areas. The distribution of fat cells in the body is determined by genetic tendency.

  • Which type of lubrication is more risky?

In general, we can speak of two types of regional fat. adiposity in the waist and hips around lubrication said. Waist around lubrication lubrication is more risky to health. Because where fat cells are larger and closer to the internal organs. Therefore, waist circumference and hip circumference is thicker than metabolic risk than those who stay. Waist around lubrication, lubrication is more risky than the surrounding basin.

  • Regional lubrication causes?

Regional adiposity genetic as well as the hormonal imbalance is also very role. Waist circumference has the height of the hormone insulin in the thick. Insulin is a hormone secreted by our pancreas that allows the use of our cells and converted into sugar enters our bodies through the food we eat. But forced to put waist circumference begins to thicken the hormone insulin when glucose into the cells and the body begins to raise insulin. This situation opens a lot of appetite and becomes more oil. So the diabetes begins to emerge footsteps. Hormonal disorders affect lubrication.

Base wider environmental estrogen, cortisol attention to the upper body swelling sense!

  • Which region which affects hormones?

Base estrogen imbalance in the environment are wide. Female hormone estrogen is largely secreted in a small amount of fat cells in the ovaries. This situation may be associated with menstrual irregularity.

Neck and upper body can accompany the height of the hormone cortisol hormone secreted by the adrenal glands are responsible for obesity. In this case, rounding percent and reddening accompanied violet cracks and high blood pressure in the body.

  • How can Regional slimming?

Regional weakening not only diet. Belly melting, melting the base of the diet or supplements regime can occur in the form of applications. By a diet or using a product, there can be no such thing as granting more weight to certain areas. The best way to weight loss is eating right and exercising regional by region with it.

  • What are miracle foods that burn fat?

A healthy way to lose weight is to eat a balanced diet and must move. However, some foods can help us accelerate the metabolism by increasing the required toughness needed to lose weight in the process. Yogurt, grapefruit and green tea is one of the most researched food in this regard. linoeik conjugate acid in the yogurt accelerates fat burning. Similarly, accelerating the metabolism, green tea and grapefruit helps weight loss. In a survey conducted in recent years to consume half a grapefruit before main meals from 3 months to 5 losing weight without dieting. Waist circumference in the thick of these foods is thought to be more effective. However grapefruit drugs can cause toxic effects to show the drug reduces the body to expel. In particular, blood pressure medications, antidepressants and have an impact on flu drugs.

  • What are the quick weight breathable foods?

Stay away from foods quickly returned to the oil. people can not get rid of fat by eating fat. The high-calorie foods are fatty foods in the world. We consume without realizing we have to be wary of fatty foods. Overall soft foods, foods and get fat, leaving orodispersible food is greasy. For example, trenches, rolls, croissants, cookies, chips, cookies …

  • How can we achieve the balance of carbohydrates?

The second most important group of carbohydrates. Although the body’s basic energy of carbohydrates, and if there is no inflation in our fat cells on top if too much is consumed. Rice, pasta, pastries, breads, soups, pasta, potatoes, corn, dessert and fruit are the best source of carbohydrates we consume. how we can realize that we eat carbohydrate Given our traditional way of eating. For example, soup, potatoes, rice and bread eaten with chicken next. Therefore, reducing the amount of carbohydrates in food, yogurt, meat, vegetables, salad and water to make a variety of food would be better.

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