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Expressing It Is A Castle With The Sea; Alanya Castle

Expressing It Is A Castle With The Sea; Alanya Castle



Our country’s popular holiday city Alanya, Antalya and Alanya Castle, the landmark, the sea is approximately 250 m high and 6.5 km is the length of the walls. The first known settlement in the Alanya peninsula dates back to the Hellenistic period. Today, Alanya Castle and the surrounding monuments, which have remained from the Seljuks.

Restarting of the castle date 1221. The city was built on the orders of Sultan Kayqubad’s conquered. The castle’s 83 towers and 140 pieces of bushing walls. The city’s water needs are 1200 to much water cistern. These cisterns are used until today. They are, in a way quite s plan all locations
It was planned to cover the area.

History Of Alanya Citadel

Setup of the ancient city, BC 2. century was founded by the Tryhos warriors and pirates on behalf of Korakesion. But the Romans, put a stop to the activities of pirates in the Mediterranean Sea, the castle to try to seize the pirate activities. The Seljuks in 1217-18 joined the Seljuk territory with the history of raids, in later periods, Kaul and the Mamelukes, enter the control, during the period of Ottoman territory and given a Sultan

Alanya Castle and Tourism

Alanya has a lot of contribution to the tourism of the country. 1980s tourism thanks to strides made on behalf of, today gained a very different view, Alanya, beautiful nature, beaches and castles at the most, attract local and foreign tourists to yourself. Natural beauty and is a wonder of nature with unique beaches, Alanya, organizes tours to the castle on a daily basis.

Expressing It Is A Castle With The Sea; Alanya Castle  Within the area covered by the area of the Castle, which is open to vehicle traffic, and there are a limited number of accommodations. The local people in these areas, for the purpose of the trip to the Castle prepared handmade souvenirs and local products are offered for sale. Grown in the region and in our country is quite famous banana and Avocado, torn away from the guests.

Antalya and Adana airports are all easily accessible on the region. For visits to the Castle, located in the city centre of Alanya, tours to the region easily. I need to see outside the historic artifacts at the Fort the most magnificent views of the sea, the event. Views of both the sea and the city hosts various hours of the day in different snapshots, photo enthusiasts and offers unforgettable images.


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