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Features Benefits Thyme Herb Thyme Herbal What is the

Features Benefits Thyme Herb Thyme Herbal What is the



Thyme, which ballıbabagiller for the family, in the barren soil, a plant that grows in sunny places. Approximately 15 cm to 40 cm in length with thyme, short-stemmed or stemless, with opposite leaves are a dark green bit.

Fringed roots, draws attention with blooming flowers backward. If you want to collect thyme, oregano can find easily from June to October. cut and dried thyme if you want to shoot the ball you can lay flat to dry sunny place.

Thyme Benefits
Thyme is one of the most effective herbal appetite for living. Because it is a savory herb thyme. If you complain of fatigue in the morning to drink a cup of thyme tea it gives you energy and vitality throughout the day. thyme diuretic effect of the gas rescuers pulled the gas pains are also a good diuretic and anti-spasmodic.

Nervous tension soothing effect for those living with thyme, preferable with a relaxing effect. A lot of people complain from time to time with intestinal worms, intestinal worms thyme in the solution grows with your distress wolf worm-lowering effect. If you are having problems of various reasons sputum water thyme, oregano tea is a full expectorant.

Especially diseases of the autumn winter colds, flu, sore throat, cough, bronchitis, whooping cough, thyme extremely useful for asthma, it shows terleterek therapeutic effect. To clean the wound to accelerate healing inflamed and thyme are extremely helpful. In addition, most of the problems that young people have the potential to improve the treatment of acne thyme both acne acne cleanser.

Also the bathrooms are made with thyme and pneumonia and lung inflammation, which is good too to both fatigue. After waiting for it in 7 liters of water to put 200 grams of oregano 12 hours, it will boil the water, and if you fold the bath water, you will see that the many benefits that your complaint.

leaving the bathroom before going to bed one hour, and you should definitely rinse your warm bed. In addition, your hair healthy shiny hair with thyme oil to grease a week, if you massage your scalp for 10 minutes and then shampoo as usual as soon as possible if you encounter stronger and more shiny hair.

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