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Fish Oil Prevents of schizophrenia

Fish Oil Prevents of schizophrenia



Australian scientists have less risk of developing schizophrenia, according to research using fish oil

Research scientists from the University of Melbourne in Australia has revealed that less symptoms of schizophrenia in the use of fish oil containing omega-3 pill for 3 months.

Scientists, 13-25 years old, gave fish oil pills for 3 months with some of the participants showing early signs of schizophrenia. The other part of the active substance participants without pills (placebo) was used.

After a year of fish oil use only 10 percent of the schizophrenia diagnosis 40 percent of the placebo was made.

scientists are reminded that as schizophrenic blood cell omega-3 fatty acid to the rare, the condition of the fish starting may be available close to the brain cells can provide the protection of nerve cells, reducing inflammation in the brain, he said.

But scientists, that small-scale research and that the results should be confirmed in other studies drew attention. Results of “New Scientist” magazine published the research sheds light on the idea that people take fish oil therapy in addition to the risk group.

away from the relationship with patients and people with chronic mental illness from the truth he lived in his own world of schizophrenia usually begin during the ages of 18-25.

Early symptoms of the disease can occur months or even years ago.

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