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Five Mysterious Island Earth

Five Mysterious Island Earth



Beautiful, interesting and even funny! Earth these words may be appropriate to describe the mysterious islands. Island of mind, known to the sea, sand, sun, pristine beaches and coconut trees come to some islands in the world is quite different from them. If you’re ready to give up the dream of a tropical paradise island is called, we will describe some of the most mysterious and unusual island in the earth below.

Did you know?
Out of every six people living in the world are estimated to be living in one of the island.

1) Easter (Easter) Island:

Easter Island is located in approximately 14 feet (4.5 meters) in length and the average will be fascinated to see the 14-ton colossal statues. “Moai” known as colossal ancient statues are carved from volcanic rock. the purpose and origins of this statue is still a mystery to this day.

Easter Island is located between Chile and Tahiti. During the creation of the Moai statues, on this island, “Rapa Nui” were living people. Over the years, archaeologists and visitors alike they have speculated about why they build these statues of Easter Island natives. Some people believe they represent old tribal chief of the sculpture with the human-like appearance.

A more interesting theory, this statue of the Rapa Nui people and other ancient cultures knowledge, is the idea that science could be a depiction of ancient aliens. It might be weird, but not on an island, not the full 887 grain was placed two gigantic statues. So many people with so many statues of this magnitude to the Rapa Nui people and transport is difficult. So, what do you think about this? Do you believe the Moai statues made by aliens? Maybe you should check yourself, go to the Easter Island statues.

2) Seychelles (Seychelles):
Seychelles and the east coast of Africa, the Indian Ocean ‘is a group of 115 islands located in the. This island is famous for its incredible wildlife and Seychelles’ in at least half of it is protected as national parks. But there is another aspect that makes this island special. This island of Coco-de-mer (sea coconut) named the world produces the largest seed and leaf making a giant plant host.

Early explorers of this plant are quite amazed by the size and also quite large seeds which normally also have a feminine shape. The inventors of this plant Adam in that plant that led to the fall, and therefore believes that the island paradise garden.

“Coco-de-mer” except to many exotic species of plants Seychelles is home including the world’s smallest frog and heaviest land tortoise. 600-pound turtle to An Aldabra consists of four coral islands hosts Atoll and “Coco-de-mer” Vallee you’ll find trees de Mai Nature Protection Area by UNESCO “World Heritage” proclaimed the two regions.

the inhabitants of these islands African, European, Chinese and Indians are the descendants of the explorer. Therefore culture here is that all these various combinations of individual cultures. Rich culture, exotic flora and fauna, coco-de-mer plant and because of the myth that paradise garden of Seychelles’ I should visit.

3) Surtsey Island:

such as travel time on a trip to the island Surtsey, a world where life uncontaminated by human activities began very recently. The reason is a little island of Surtsey island of newborn to 50 years old. Surtsey island of Iceland is the most southern point and was not there prior to 1963. However, water has started to emerge with the explosion of six volcanic islands. The volcanic activity continued until 1967, and thus was formed a 2.7 sq km of land in the region. But waves in 2002 with land erosion and reduced this to 1.4 sq km in size. However, scientists are examining the candidates in front visions will be no recent history of the island.

Microorganisms, insects, birds, plants and even seals can be seen that no longer survive in this new island formed. How’s life in the newly formed land in the world is the root of a great work to examine whether release.

4) Baby Island (The Island of the Dolls):

Pediofob the (doll phobia) even if you’re not, Mexico with hundreds of toys hanging from the tree in this island sufficiently creepy baby! Do you still afraid? Looking at the gruesome history of the island will fear!

This island was once owned by a local farmer named Don Julián Santana was good. Don Julián Santana in 1950, witnessed the drowning of a little girl on a local channel and he was unable to save him. Later, he found a toy doll floating in the channel decides that it belongs to her. Farmers took the doll water and hung him from a tree to show his respect for the young girl’s soul. But here are starting to believe that the young girl’s ghost haunting of these farmers.

Therefore, farmers who fear more doll hanging tree had been trying to get rid of the ghosts. Over the next 50 years, Santana has continued this practice and more than 1,500 toys were collected baby. He died of a heart attack in 2001. Currently cousin Anastasio has lived on the island and the island has become a tourist center. Anastasio is still the little girl’s spirit that is to say that on this island and therefore remove hanging baby. At night they returned to the life of the baby and claiming they whispered to each other. You decide on whether a tourist or a real ghost story of deception Is!

5) Gaiole Island:

Italy, linked together by a bridge located in Naples coast of the Gaiola island consists of two small islands. This beautiful island complete with stone houses and streets that has old Italian charm. However, this beautiful island is believed to have been cursed now completely abandoned. It’s history dates back to the 1920’s curse. This island living in the Swiss Hans Braun ‘s dead body was found wrapped in a rug. A few months later, Hans Braun ‘s wife was drowned in the waters surrounding the island.

people who reside on the island, which later succumbed to a heart attack on the German Otto Grunback villas. pharmaceutical industries, the next owner of the Island Maurice-Yves Sandoz is lost sanity was admitted to a mental hospital in Switzerland but later committed suicide. Then the candidate buys German steel magnate Baron Karl Paul Langhe I entered the economic crisis. After that, he bought the island multimillionaire Paul Getty’s grandson was kidnapped.

The last owner of the island Gianpasqual the Grappone, was indicted on charges of insurance fraud and was sent to prison in 2009. only some swimmers and adventurers to the island since then the island is believed to be cursed to come. Apart from that, the island was completely abandoned.

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