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From Denizli last Cradle of Civilizations "Laodicea"

From Denizli last Cradle of Civilizations "Laodicea"



Denizli, from past to present so many civilizations of the provisions that take both sedentary life is one of the most important provinces which boast a very active life stage as a transit point. Especially living in many advanced ancient civilization ancient findings derived from the excavation and documentation of a kind that live in this land, which emphasizes the importance of the nature of this land once more.

one thinks of the period settled down on a lot of civilizations, of Denizli Pamukkale and, of course, have the inalienable located in Laodicea s our natural heritage.

Laodicea, Denizli’s 6 km north appears as an ancient city located. Geographically close to both water resources, as well as fertile soil of this ancient city is located in a very convenient spot for having, was established south of the Lykos river. This is due to its proximity to the river’s shores in the Lycos name in ancient sources or edge of Laodicea as defined in this town, is also regarded as the city’s Zeus, the mythological aspects are examined. The historian Pliny time out this definition, Laodicea ‘s submitted documents with the name means City of Zeus Diospolis flour. Diospolis be considered as a city, there is a kind of culture also means that given to Zeus.

Diospolis’ skin after Rhoas is a village built in the ruins of Laodicea on the name has changed many times until you have received the current name today. The way to characterize this region Rhoas field contains the name given to the idea that it was more of a last name of the native Anatolian languages.

The city’s current name is Laodiceia the year to take II. It was not with his beloved wife’s name by Antiochus. King II. Antiochus’ s established between 263-261 BC, in which the name of this city, and his wife has transferred to the present Laodicea.

B.C. one. century periods, the most advanced and sees the history of Anatolia also collected on the note as one of the most famous city of Laodicea, for the same period the famous and made here of the constantly held gladiator fights have become very popular.

Adopted by the Romans and the period for which they show very different care Laodicea one of the most powerful and intelligent statesman Cicero came to this city, this place has been involved to solve problems where legally. At the same time the Roman emperor Hadrian, M.S. 129 In arriving at Laodicea, or visit this important city, Rome, or print the letters were from this city.

Laodicea ‘s Another point that makes a very important ancient city, Little Asia’ is one of the seven famous churches is due to take place in the city limits. This church Laodiceia also certifies that you are a kind of culture, the cradle of Christianity, showing how advanced it is.

DIY collapse, the M.S. In 194 deaths and causing the destruction of the entire city as a major disaster it was due to a huge earthquake.

The excavations uncovered in the excavations made in the city, it is seen that the city was both large and small with an ancient theater. This Laodikeia as culture and civilization shows how a sophisticated internal structure.

Great theater, takes place by this ancient city in the northeast. This ancient theater was designed in accordance with the Roman-style buildings that have both Skene where the decor and they dressed their interests via the player was completely destroyed. However Cave, so step by step, inhabited by people who came to watch the theater, orchestra with a gradual manner designed section remains standing very firmly. This theater is so great that it is a capacity to receive 20,000 people.

The small theater, the largest theater in the location in an area located 300 m northwest. This theater is designed in accordance with the Roman style. Skene of this region have been destroyed entirely. In Cave and orchestra seems to be the place where distortion.

most noticeable among large building in this town is located Stadium and Gymnasium. Structures is a large area stretching east to west in the southwest of the city. A.D. 79 year made the stadium has a 350 m long 60 m wide. Today, the majority have been destroyed.

This advanced and at the same time to discuss the administrative council building in the city has hosted many civilizations, a church, a temple of Zeus and the monumental fountain.

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