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Galata Bridge Date: Istanbul-Turkey

Galata Bridge Date: Istanbul-Turkey



Looking at the history of Istanbul, the two banks of the Golden Horn to tie built many bridges. Eyup-Sütlüce include 6. century is the first bridge built and made 12 arches is Golden Horn bridge.

During the conquest of Istanbul, by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, was built a bridge to the Golden Horn. For this bridge between ayvansaray and Kasımpaşa, giant vats and iron were used. This bridge, İstanbul immediately after capture, made for the transportation of the troops.

Galata Bridge Date: Istanbul-Turkey  1500 for the first time, in the triple is designed a permanent bridge was the first to attempt the Golden Horn, II. Baran. Wishing to design a bridge than Leonardo da Vinci, is prepared to design the Golden Horn. Single span, 240 meters long and 24 meters wide is this bridge, if it were made, it would take the title of the longest bridge in the world. Then, another Italian artist Michelangelo was invited to İstanbul for the design of the bridge. However, the artist turned down that invitation. Thus, 19. the idea of a bridge needs to be done to the Golden Horn, the 21st century has been postponed.

19. century, Sultan II. Mahmut between Azapkapı and Unkapanı, period, it’s a long bridge was built. the bridge opened on September 3, 1836, “Jisr al-I, 1930 by officials”, “Ali” and “the old bridge” was known with the names. Approx. 500 – 540 meters long, this was done with the help of the pontoon bridge. In 1912, 1930 by officials Bridge collapsed.

Galata Bridge Date: Istanbul-Turkey  Leonardo da Vinci’s design is the bridge exactly 350 years later, as the first modern Galata bridge. in 1845, during the reign of Sultan Abdülmecid, built bridges, Sultan’s mother Bezm-I Alem Valide Sultan was built on behalf of. the bridge is used for 18 years, “Jisr al-I Cedid”, “Valide Bridge”, “new link”, the “Great Mosque”, “new Bridge” the bridge, “the bridge” the Doves have been given names. If the first person through the bridge, Sultan Abdülmecid. For the first three days of bridge toll completes the Ministry of Maritime Affairs in October 25, 1845 by bridge toll began to be collected. Along with the army and law enforcement personnel, fire extinguishers, and priests which is free for a hyperlink; the pedestrian 5 was money. Backpacker backpacker animals people 20-10 money, money for the bridge charges, as the horse-100 money uygulanmaktaydı.

The German company MAN AG, built in 1912, is an other bridge gold Liras 350,000 466 meters long and 25 meters the on-board. But cannot be used in a fire in the history of the May 16, 1992, the bridge, onarılmasının then, Balat – Haskovo was placed in between. Burning the bridge is known as “Galata bridge” instead of the modern and a new bridge was built. “The historical Galata Bridge”, describes this bridge.

The fifth Galata bridge used today is a little north of the previous bridge, STFA company built when. the bridge was completed in December of 1994, Eminönü and Karaköy, bağlamaktaydı to each other.

Galata Bridge Date: Istanbul-Turkey  The fifth Galata bridge is 490 meters long and 80 meters of a bascule bridge built in such a way that can be opened. 42 meters and a width of paths to each direction has three lanes designed bridge, a pedestrian trail. However, the tram line extension to Kabataş and then, two Strip right in the middle of the bridge, the tram road.

Considering the other bascule bridges of the type via tram, Galata bridge from bridge worldwide is one of the most. However, as a result of the bascule bridge opening and closing, the tram line to each other exactly causesomebody misfortune such as problems over time, the bridge, which also has the desired system.


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