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German winter weight 7 Important Cause

German winter weight 7 Important Cause



Reduction of movement in cold weather; spend time and turned into a snack in a hot environment to exercise our will, is to become a major problem

a common problem in almost all of us gain weight in winter. Into a kind of oil gushing from the heart often can not dress pants and more than enough to bother with.

The most important reason for our weight gain, cold weather, no doubt, more energy requirement of heat in order to maintain our bodies, our brains as a result of the “I’m hungry” to give the signal! But there are of course other responsible for these cheesy weight; such as developing vitamin D deficiency due to reduced use of our sun!

Thick layers of clothing to hide weight gain
thickening of clothes with cold weather, a factor quite well to cover our weight. It can lose control depending on the food, we know the refuge of protective clothing. Remember your most precious clothes, your body, take care of her healthy feeding.

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Night snacks
The evening meal eaten in excess, your blood sugar to fall, and as a result, can lead us to feel hungry at night. Instead of fatty and caloric foods to suppress your hunger one night you can choose handful of plain white or yellow peas.

The operation of the heat protection body
The most important reasons why we gain weight in winter, with the cold weather in the winter months to increase our need to eat in order to maintain our body temperature. We are increasing our need for energy by üşüdük, trying to meet the increasing energy needs of the nutrients our bodies. As a result, the brain, “I’m hungry” it gives the signal. Each time you feel hungry you can drink more water to avoid dining. Water will create a feeling of fullness in the stomach by coating volume.

unhappiness state
reduction of the winter sun makes us unhappy, especially in people with a genetic predisposition can trigger depression. We also find fresh solutions usually being able to feel better and paste food, especially in the evening! What we ate in the evening hours of the fall of the rate of metabolism in the body is stored in becoming inevitable weight gain. Low-calorie healthy snacks to choose the best solution in this case. fruit you eat 2 hours before bedtime, along with dairy products will stabilize your blood sugar.

The days are short
The days are short in winter, eating makes us skip meals disrupting our flat, and as a result of our growing desire to consume carbohydrates. To gain weight rice, noodles, pasta, pastry, rather than refined carbohydrates, such as pastries; Low-glycemic foods such as bulgur and legumes have to choose your benefits.

Lack of vitamin D
Reduced use of results emerging from sunlight trigger vitamin D deficiency is our gain. Under normal conditions in the human body is 90 to 95 percent of vitamin D synthesis in the skin under the influence of sunlight. Winter days in 25 minutes, 15-20 minutes on hot summer days, we need to take sunscreen from exposure to the sun.

The best foods that contain vitamin D is fat-soluble fish, cod liver oil, liver, cheese, egg yolk and milk and dairy products.

Reduced movement
In cold weather; spend time and turned into a snack in a hot environment to exercise our will, it is to become a major problem. We gain weight because we spend more energy intake due to inactivity. at least 2-3 days a week to maintain your weight during the winter, be sure to exercise for 30-45 minutes.

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