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Give weight to information about known Wrong

Give weight to information about known Wrong



Do not make these mistakes while Weight
Everyone started to diet during certain periods of his life. Especially our employees to lose weight with the approach of summer are also many. But we know about diets and unfortunately we apply some of the information is incorrect.

This incorrect information, which is damaging to our health as it unfortunately prevents us from losing weight. misconceptions about diet and I’ll share them with you right.

BREAD WEIGHT care is – Wrong
Bread is the most accurate and most reliable source of carbohydrates for human bodies. a feeding program can not be done without bread. Whole wheat, rye and whole grain breads provide both glycemic control, as well as helping to meet our energy needs.

Therefore, in accordance with the amount of energy we need to take daily bread consumption, on the contrary it would prevent us from gaining weight contributes to our healthy diet.

I eat very little how I give so much weight while on a diet idea is completely wrong. Search in our diet meals, jump with the feeling that our turn then causes us to eat more food will cause weight gain and increase the feeling of hunger. So our meal in the diet is certainly we should miss capturing.

In addition to losing the metabolism of the operating speed without holding the space between meals it is too long, it is the right thing to do to eat small portions.

Constitute the main elements of the raw food diet of fruits and vegetables in the diet. But the rhetoric of fruits and vegetables that can be consumed in unlimited degree is incorrect. Although the right fruit for raw vegetables are not the same thing applies. Because while it may change depending on the calories you should bulunmaktadır.al high sugar in the fruit, you can consume 3-4 servings of fruit per day.

Especially with a low glycemic index fruit instead of main meals, paying attention to the amount you consume in between meals is best for you.

Unsweetened tea, coffee drink calories ignores us. But our thinking as much tea and coffee drinking causes us to meet our fluid needs disrupting the water. However, these drinks replace water certainly does not hold. Unlike tea and coffee, from the body when consumed because they contain large amounts of caffeine leads to dehydration.

OIL discontinuation COMPLETELY WRONG
cut off oil completely, causing the body to start storing it. If we remove the fat from your diet, our bodies are taking to protect them instead of using oil stocks. Of course in this case it, too fat, does not mean that we eat foods fried or fast food type. But oil is also important to note that it is necessary for us.

Meals, cook with olive oil by the amount of attention; snack on nuts, dried fruits such as almonds and walnuts to consume will allow us useful degreasing.

Healthy weight loss (to oil) time / fashion by not changing the system. The amount of calories you need to take daily, if you fall below a controlled way, you begin to lose weight. Nowadays, fashion has been uniform – strict diets are not healthy, it may seem as if the scale works. Weighing never be decisive alone.

How important is how much weight you give is just as important as what you give. Protein diet, milk diet, monotonous diet applesauce, such as Apple, can only damage your body.

You must do sports for a health life. not to lose weight. You can not lose weight by doing sports. ‘I eat what I eat until I go to evening sports’ logic is completely wrong, unfortunately, it is still on the agenda. sport it is necessary to speed up your metabolism in a healthy way. But hours made jogging / bike as cardiovascular workouts, such as your heart, you may be tired, depending on your weight and age will cause damage to your joints. sports will make the person while on a diet; age, should be organized according to the body type and health condition.

The diet should be made known that purpose support with. Otherwise, you’ll see that sports when passed will increase the number of heart attack or unconsciously made jumpy hopping group lessons should hardly benefit your knees.

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