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Go With Hair Loss How do you get out?

Go With Hair Loss How do you get out?



 Most Common Causes of Hair Loss

  • Taking chemotherapeutic drug
  • Some infectious diseases
  • Fever related diseases
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Hormonal changes
  • Adequate nutrition Angels
  • Heavy metal poisoning them
  • Gene pool
  • Unconscious hair care
  • Other dermatological conditions
  • Drugs taken to treat the disease depending on the disease
  • The occurrence of excessive hair dandruff itching of the skin
  • Hair care flaws

It can cause hair loss.  investigating possible causes of hair loss, skin diseases and endocrine problems are taken into account. Physical examination by looking at the hair scalp spill area. Looking at the distribution of the hair and the treatment process is initiated by the presence and characteristics of the skin lesions. Severe and prolonged stress Radiation therapy and chemotherapy drug use can cause loss of hair quickly.

Test for Hair Loss Causes

Some causes of hair loss investigating important and effective testing is done. These tests tensile test tensile test scalp biopsy is done in various ways on a daily basis hair counts. Hair Tensile test is useful in the evaluation of hair loss. Head slightly stretched in a bunch of 60 and 70 in different parts of the skin and hair around the hair counting Out examined in microscopic environments.

In tensile testing of hair are taken from the individual and firmly roots. Thus, it can be revealed stage of root growth. Scalp biopsy performed searchable causes of hair loss. Patients should be given the task of Gere with negative test results to determine the hair loss is a count of leaving the hair daily. Hair When scanning the hair is inserted into a transparent bag every day for two weeks and the number of hair is saved when washing hair shampoos 250 makes the loss is considered normal.

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