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Hagia Eirene Istanbul First Church

Hagia Eirene Istanbul First Church



or Irene Church, the first church, and Istanbul as the first museum! Hagia Eirene name, “Holy Peace”, which means Hagia Eirene (St. Iren) comes from the name. Let’s look together to the legendary history and architecture of this temple, which has about 2,500 years of history.

St. Iren Effect Rome
Hagia Irene
Istanbul First Church and Museum: Hagia Eirene

Hagia Eirene Church, which is actually the name of a young woman named Penelope. According to legend, Constantine the Great, as many have in the period by the Romans in the reconstruction of the capital city that has been reached in Constantinople. A devout Christian with Penelope, is an effort to introduce the people of Rome with the Prophet Jesus. However, this rejection by the pagan Romans, Mary denial Main and women to make sure they do Paganism various tortures.

Throw into a pit filled with snakes, but snakes before him ilişmez during the night. Then they stone the woman accusing witchcraft. Finally, they tied the horses drag for hours … Penelope, seeing none of the damage they swear allegiance to him by the Romans. According to tradition, the people of Istanbul who met with Christianity for centuries does not make any outbursts, albeit intermittent time ends riots. As a result, Emperor Constantine, declaring the young lady saint “Holy Peace”, which means the data St Hagia Eirene name and built the Church of St. Irene in his honor.

The place was built the church is extremely significant: on top of the pagan temple of Jupiter!

Aya Irini Date
In addition to having the above Hagia Eirene legendary history, dating back to the Roman period after Hagia Sophia is the largest temple. In addition, 588 Consoles are gathered here.

Hagia Eirene Museum
Hagia Eirene to do today is Art Event Host

Today Hagia Eirene, the church is not made during Constantine. and burned out by the new Emperor Justinian in the original structure was built in 532 Nike uprising. Or if in the same century, once again, this time has been the destruction, repair is seventy. apse and the ceiling of the church repaired all damaged in an earthquake in 738 years is decorated with new frescoes and mosaics. Iconoclastic period is closed depictions, as in all other places of worship.

Ottoman and Republican
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han was touching the church after the 1453 conquest. Some historians, Greek and Roman history knows very well Sultan, because of the respect and know that this is the story of the conversion of St. Iren mosque that writers. Topkapi Palace, Sur-i Sultani called remaining temple wall behind the first row, was used as internal ammunition. the palace guards of their weapons were made here and maintenance. In the 18th century the (3.Ahmet period), the Ministry of War of the (defense ministry could say) it began to be used as a weapons depot and building a northerly direction “Daru’l-esleh” that Armory added an inscription (1726).

weapons in the warehouse when it comes into eskiyip antique, Abdulmecit orders of Hagia Eirene, Tophane Sender Fethi Ahmet Pasha was converted into a museum by the weapon. this is the first museum of the Ottoman Empire; Mecma-ii-i Atika Eslih (Old Weapons Collection) and Mecma-i Asar-ı Atika (Antiquities Collection) was opened to visitors divided into two sections named. Hagia Eirene Museum, the other parts of the empire also noted that former weapons imported.

Republic (1939) connected to the Hagia Sophia Museum Hagia Eirene was used as a military museum until 1949. Harbiye Military Museum opened after it lost its function and is taken care of from time to time. Since 1983 it is used for various artistic activities.

Hagia Eirene Church Architecture Structure
Hagia Eirene, have been drawn in a classic Roman basilica plan, such as places of worship. Narteks and consists of abscissa. 4 carries the big elephant feet on the main dome 35 meters high. The central courtyard is empty just like the Hagia Sophia. The structure of the upper floor is planned as a gigantic ancient Roman cross. Hagia Eirene, the period when the first church was built not only Istanbul, but also were among the largest structures of the Roman Empire.

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