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Healthy Kids Toy Selection

Healthy Kids Toy Selection



Toys toy selection in the first and important element of the child’s age, development is not appropriate to the needs and capabilities, and convenient.

Most of the toys on the market carcinogens and other harmful chemicals are harming our children, they are made with. selection of toys should be carried out in separate criteria for all ages. There are issues that need to be very careful, especially for baby toys. In this article, we provide expert advice on the most reliable and accurate elections toys for our children, we will share with you.

toys in a statement issued by the Directorate of Health describes the general issues that need to be considered when. These;

  1. something that should be considered first choice of toys of the child, is selected according to requirements and capabilities.
  2. Toys getting reliable brands and products with CE marking should be preferred. This is a very important detail to be healthy toys.
  3. Children in such a way as not to harm, not sharp or pointed toys should be preferred.
  4. Toys must be so robust and easy to clean. Thus you have your child’s attention while playing the game to play in a hygienic way.
  5. hairy toys should be avoided in children with allergic reactions might lead to bad results.
  6. Toys should definitely be made using toxic dyes.
  7. toys contain parts to swallow the child should be preferred.
  8. Crayons should be organic dyes which are specifically made for children who are taken.
  9. should be considered to be outside toy stores toys should also be noted that if you get a label with the name and details of the brand on the toy.
  10. hanging toys must be mounted on the bearings intact.
  11. In the battery-operated toys should be noted that in a safe manner and off the battery compartment.
  12. Operating instructions which products should be preferred. read the operating instructions of the parents is very important.
  13. Sonorous toys because they will create longer in use and kept close to the ear hearing loss in their children’s ears should be preferred to be toys that make a sound as possible.
  14. The toy can not be disassembled and removed the seams must be checked lightly by hand.
  15. Made of soft plastic toys and should not be smelly.
  16. If the fracture zone of toys should be discarded toys before the child’s hand. Therefore, you should check toys will be useful combination.
  17. Expanding toys (when water or similar liquid thrown growing, the expanding toy) must be more than 50% expansion.
  18. general considerations that should be taken care of toy is this way.
  19. A second important point is to pay attention to the age criteria when selecting toys.
  20. selection of toys for all ages must be attentive and careful. According to this

6-7 months: the child is beginning to sit so the space is enlarged. During this period, which is flexible in size to fit into the hands of children (plastic) toys given.

8-12 months: the child was no longer in its infancy, and begin walking. Space has expanded. Interest has increased. Such toys available because they enjoy being poured and filled. This is the story told by the parents of the child at the time of pictures is very important.

15-18 months: children no longer walk, shuttle tissue rooms ars. Therefore, it pushed, pulled, but also sonorous toys (cars, guitar,) should be preferred.

After 18 months: the child no longer sees himself as a scientist. Discoveries and inventions do is their most important feature. blocks of different sizes in this period, the boxes and do something very pleasant way to go.

2-3 years: children no longer see the social life and to imagine them. become parents. They feed their children. Therefore, they can be taken toys to dramatize the life of children in this period. Baby, mini furniture, puppets, repair tools, animal sets, etc .. Ideal toy. During this period, children should be taken to sea sand and interest in water should be removed.

3-4 years: children’s motor development is increasing. Movement of children become much not like to jump. During this period, tricycles, rocking horses, carts should be large cubes and blocks.

4-6 years: children now, especially outdoors and enjoy playing the board game. During this period, painting, gluing, making shapes from paper, supporting activities such as game pieces together should be made. Watercolor, pastel, cardboard, paperboard, such as rope toys are preferred.

After 6 years (school-age) children have now started school. Games and toys are becoming important in understanding changes. During this period, football, basketball, cycling and games like these are important materials to be used are played. TV and sports events draw their attention. Especially picture books draw their attention.

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