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Here are ten benefits of our body’s white cabbage

Here are ten benefits of our body’s white cabbage



Complete with vitamins white cabbage, a nutrient that we are missing not to our table in the winter. C, as well as vitamins B and E, iron, potassium and magnesium minerals that include protection from cancer by strengthening the immune system and even white cabbage has many benefits until healthy weight loss. “Toxic substances to be deprived of a spectacular vegetable white cabbage full in season benefit by consuming all the way to fill the marinade for elimination from the body,” said Nutrition and Diet Expert Dilem race stumped white cabbage told the 10 benefits:

1 with strong antioxidant properties: Powerful antioxidant that has many benefits to cancer diseases in winter white cabbage strong fighter against free radicals. Fatty liver and cabbage that benefit against obesity, weight loss diet fed to the holder and is supporting by toxins purifying capability. Intestine, stomach and protects against lung cancer by ridding the body of toxins. In recent years, studies reveal that the protection against prostate cancer. Week two b’s sure to consume cabbage.

2 vitamin C is: whether to consume raw as a salad or a drink of water, especially diuretic, take advantage of the feature maximizes toxin levels. Two days a week leaves useful toxins by drinking boiled water in hot water. white cabbage, a potent source of vitamin C do not cook too long to lose this property and consumed fresh.

3 strengthens immunity, digestion easier: Sulfur content and strengthens the immune system, protects against disease, speeds up recovery time. Again, thanks to protect against the gastritis and ulcers in sulfur content, easy to digest.
4Bag it protects the health: a rich source of fiber that protects the stomach and intestinal diseases thanks to both remain full and provide a healthy bowels. Be sure to consume foods rich in fiber like cabbage for healthy digestive and excretory systems. Constipation should give those who are not necessarily involved in eating habits. Raw consumption is becoming more effective in bowel movements.

5 empowers the eye health: beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A in the content providing benefit to eye health. Vitamin A improves visual function by strengthening the eyes, especially at night. In short, preventing the aging eyes.

6 prevents the formation of acne: Through the sulfur content eczema, white cabbage to contribute to the healing process in skin diseases like psoriasis, is supporting the treatment of acne, prevent acne formation. Toxins shooter with the effects of poisonous toxins accumulate in the body and provides support to flourish by providing skin ejected.

7 helps weight loss: there are 25 calories in 100 grams of low-calorie vegetables, white cabbage. Therefore, a good choice in weight loss diets. Salad, olive oil can be consumed as vegetable dishes and soups. Especially cabbage soup consumption as well as providing full holding liquid throw indispensable white cabbage diet with low calorie content of both prefer doing.

8 strengthens bones: calcium, potassium and magnesium minerals that are rich white cabbage, strengthens bone and muscle health. Up to age 30 are deposited in bone calcium reduces your risk of osteoporosis in later life. Healthy bones in old age, makes that less of minor bumps and falls in broken bones. Cabbage strengthens bones with calcium amount of content.

9 Heart protect, regulate the blood pressure: high blood pressure due to the potassium content is also effective against cabbage, it protects against the harmful effects of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease by preventing the clogging of the heart. Its minerals should cast the cooking water to lose, as soup or drinking the water should be consumed.

10 cleansing of toxins are: Diuretic feature allows the white cabbage cellulite treatment that toxins from the body this very important role. Regularly consume water or give importance to consume raw salad helps to reduce cellulite. hormonal-induced edema in the number of women at this time period still providing benefits to the removal of edema or water consumption of cabbage soup allows the passage more comfortable.

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