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Home Accident Prevention How?

Home Accident Prevention How?



Home accidents are extremely boring life situations.

Here’s what you can do in order to prevent home accidents, especially in families with children.

  • We need to adjust the areas where children play area outside the kitchen. Kitchen drilling, cutting and so on. Is an environment where there are many dangerous instrument. So you definitely need to stay away from children.
  • The house will be in accordance with children’s play areas must design.
  • dining table located in the kitchen, a comfortable way should be placed so as not to cause accidents such as seating available and tipping or falling.
  • We must not forget to water boiling safety.
Home Accident Prevention How?
  • places such as the kitchen and bathroom where the ventilation must be sufficient ventilation.
  • Water heater and so on. scuba tools not to miss the gas, we must pay attention to the combustion adequate and effective level.
  • Electrical sockets, cables must be positioned at the proper height and safely.
Home Accident Prevention How?
  • If you have them in our house, if water storage tank or mouth should be closed and should not be limp cleaning of the interior.
  • The drug substances such as detergents and household chemicals out of the reach of children and in their boxes in height, must be stored in special cabinets.
  • It must be ensured that the bathroom floor slippery.
  • Balconies are one of the most remarkable places for children. Therefore the height of the gap between the iron and iron should be appropriate in terms of safety. Children should not exceed or should Unplug between the iron on iron.
  • If stoves for home heating, the children can not pass around the stove it must be covered with a blocking kit. The child should be given the necessary training in addition to the stove.
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