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Home Natural Acne Mask Making and Recipes

Home Natural Acne Mask Making and Recipes



Our recipe can get rid of acne at home acne mask with economic and natural methods. Select the desired mask, regularly apply and dispose of acne and acne scars. Check out our recipe mask will immediately enhance your natural beauty!

lemon mask for acne
lemon contains vitamin C, it cleans the skin deeply and is helping to revive. No bacteria that cause acne are the germicidal properties and creates a smooth skin. Lemon juice is a natural astringent, closing loopholes, saving oil has a preventive effect and brightness.

You can wash your skin as long as it is within 5 minutes. You can improve with a mixture made with roses and lemon juice to your acne. Mix equal amounts of lemon and rose water on your skin crawl. Rose water, sees antibacterial skin cleanser tasks and reduces the amount of acid in lemon juice.

Experts recommend that you use these two water mix in the same proportion. Initially, you feel pain. But then wait 30 minutes to see the full effect, clean with warm water.

banana mask for acne
We recommend first banana mask as a home acne mask. To leave your skin of dead skin, provides opacity in contrast to detoxify and glow on your skin. Bananas can also be used on all skin types. Mash the bananas to perform maintenance on your skin with bananas, add a small amount of honey and apply on your skin. After waiting 10 minutes, rinse.

olive oil mask for acne
nourishes the skin with vitamin E content in olive oil, acne is good too. Oh, do not do not think he makes oil acne! Olive oil is unchanging beauty elixir women for centuries. Moisturise your skin, fix your hair.

Take a small amount of salt or sugar olive oil to rub into your skin better. When choosing to apply olive oil on your skin, make sure to select the purest and most organic but even if you take a different oil, you will notice the change.

egg mask for acne
Eggs contain protein, it nourishes the skin and helps relieve acne scars as well. When you apply this mask your skin is very economical regular will shine brilliantly, acne problem will be solved.
Eggs can make your skin look healthy all or only using white. The moisture of your skin, you can make all your eggs in a little more. The white, refresh your skin and tightens the gaps. Clean and dry as possible to make a simple white mask on your face.

Another method is to add a teaspoon of oil into a whole eggs into a bowl. After you apply to your skin and allow to dry and use a teaspoon of baking soda and warm water to cleanse your face. Remove your cotton dipping your egg into your Purifying mask mix.

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