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How Atlanta is a city?

How Atlanta is a city?



Atlanta is a city located in the state of Georgia in the United States. Atlanta states and also in the United States is among the largest cities. According to the census carried out in 2013 in the center of Atlanta is home to about 450,000 people accepted.

However, the number of people living within the city limits, is around 5.6 million. These data are in Atlanta in the United States, the biggest 9. City serves. cities where the city’s race, Miami, Dallas, Houston and Washington.

The most populous of these cities is Miami. The city also is considered as a region attracts tourists with many of the points.

Among the most important points of the city, Midtown, The Poenix, Georgia Aquarium, Conopy Walker, Millenium Gate, Centennial Olympic Park, Georgia State Capital and is located in the Fox Theatre. Although there is no state of Georgia in the city bordering the Atlantic Ocean.

How Atlanta is a city?  In 1847 the United States has officially become a part of Atlanta that moment, as the mayor Kasim Reed is managing. The city was founded in 1837. This year, the city that are subject to various natural disasters, since almost the beginning of a downward change every 50 years.

Located in the city area of ​​Hartsfield Jackson Airport, between 1998 and 2014. If the head is the busiest airport in the world for 16 years in 2015 was snapped this title is located in the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Atlanta, because of its proximity to Florida, in the Florida tourists have been able to pull a point of interest directly.

annual contributions made in the coffers of the United States is around $ 270 billion that Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia is a value such that all of the country’s economy over the years. These values ​​between Atlanta, the United States the richest city 8. The city is making.

How Atlanta is a city?

There has been a civil war in 1864 in Atlanta. Looted several points in the city as a result of this war, it burned and destroyed.

After this event the city has entered a recovery process again and soon gained a position to be the capital of the state of Georgia to justify. Atlanta has hosted the Summer Olympics in 1996 and took its place among the cities that are carried out with the organization’s success.

constitute the majority of black people living in the city. Quite a good life in the city with quality white with black can live in harmony without experiencing any problems. In this sense, it has been recognized as the city showed the best harmonization cities of the United States.

Due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean in the city, the ocean is the climate. Summers are quite hot Atlantaens who they meet a warm winters without snow in the air. There are mountainous areas in the region. The highest peak of the town is only 320m above sea level.

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