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How Belgrade is a city?

How Belgrade is a city?



Belgrade, Serbia’s capital, the Balkan countries, and also the most important city. cities with an ancient cultural heritage is one of the Balkan cities with the most populous city in the position.

The number of people living in Belgrade bounds are approximately 1.65 million people. Serbia’s largest city and is also the location of the city that attracts the most tourists. There are 17 districts in the city. The first settlement in BC as a result of research conducted in Belgrade city It is based on the 279 year determined.

The president of the city is to Sinisa Mali.  The height of the city above sea level is approximately 117mm. It is located in the city’s many historic attractions. This area has had over a period of nearly 500 years of Ottoman rule.

Belgrade, Serbia’s most developed city and also the capital. Belgrade, the best of the old city area where the earth is regarded as one of the places where.

The oldest remains of life and throughout history, this region has always been seen examples of urbanization has a strategic importance. approximately 2 million tourists home to the city annually.

How Belgrade is a city?  This area has managed to outpace many cities of Europe. The number of tourists in the previous year ranged between 2 to 4 million in Athens, has lost blood in this area.  Balkan region is regarded as one of the driest and least precipitation level.

This is especially true in the summer leads to serious problems. The measurements carried out in the region on 24 July 2007 at a temperature of 43 degrees Celsius, respectively.

How Belgrade is a city?  As well as in winter it is quite in cold weather. after Poland accepted as one of the areas where Europe is experiencing the harshest winter in Belgrade -26.2 degrees Celsius was measured. There are many educational institutions in the region.

These institutions offer training in the European Union standards and are especially preferred by students studying in the Balkan country. The region is recognized as a brand in Serbia.

Some 25% of the Serbian economy are paid from Belgrade. Belgrade is among the places frequented by tourists from Europe and the Balkans. transportation and infrastructure work is underway in the region. This means that American and European engineers in Belgrade are at the middle of a transformation project to relieve the current traffic situation. Belgrade has between 1 international airport.

This international airport is the name of Nikola Tesla International Airport. Airport capacity is determined according to 30 million passengers.

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