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How Cuba is a country?

How Cuba is a country?



Cuba is one of the world’s most interesting and historical places. The most important facts we know about Cuba “communist” that they are. Cuba has created a huge agenda, most notably with the United States surprised revolution. Cuban from revolutionary, “History will not understand me, ” said Fidel Castro ‘death come, whereever it was welcome, chef came’ or ‘Two, three more Vietnamese’ said Che Guevara in a way were the people that take the example of all revolutionaries incredible.

Cuba’s capital of Havana. Although the Cuban area 110 860 km2 and a population of approximately 11 Download fibroids. Cuban religion is Christianity. The most important cities are known in this country, in Havana, Santa Clara, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Santiago de Cuba. 51% hybrid of the Cuban people, 37% white, black, 1% Chinese.

Cuba’s capital, Havana’s Historical Process
Havana, Cuba’s political, it is known as a cultural and economic center. Havana has a population of approximately 2.3 million, and the surface area is 727 km2. Havana, 1515’t was discovered. It is considered one of the most ancient cities discovered by Europeans. The commercial port of Havana, in times past were often exposed to pirate attacks. The first pirate attack in 1555 by the French pirate Jacques de Sores.

How Cuba is a country?

the city was burned during the attack. The Spanish, is Başlamışlı to build castles after the first attack. And they have built the La Punta Morro remaining. The purpose of the construction of the castle of Spanish, as well as to protect the city was to protect the trade. Later, while Spain has considered fundamental base of this city and brought the fleet. In this way, merchant ships from different countries have come to the conclusion that Havana is reliable. Thus it began to trade development in Havana. With growing trade began to flourish in the products manufactured by agricultural and Havana. Havana, with this development, “the New World’s Key” and “Castle of the West Indies” began to be called.

17. century began to be developed in increasingly urban and construct new buildings. Among the new buildings are built, local administration buildings were located and built religious management. Gradually developing Havana 1607 ‘also became the capital of Cuba.

Havana’s population was growing rapidly with the development. So Havana 18. century America’s most populous 3. It has been the city. Great Britain again to take the city in 1762, and then to exchange the money in Florida, the city passed to Spanish again. With the transition of the city back to the Spanish Havana, it is structured as a city of America’s most powerful and protected.

How Cuba is a country?  The first railway was built between Havana-Bejucal. This port is 51 km carried in 1837. The purpose of construction of the port, sugar was to move from port to the valley. Also with the construction of the railway in Cuba, 5 with railway in the world. It has taken place in the country. The development of increasingly eKomi, the construction of the new building, along with transportation, Cuba began to develop as artistic. ongoing developments in Cuba were opened theaters.

20. Near the harbor century with the sinking of the battleship Maine named America’s dominance of the United States has entered Havana.

Later in Havana developed under the influence of the United States, many hotels, casinos, night clubs, luxury entertainment places have been opened. By increasing the economy of Havana, Havana’s income during that period was greater than even Las Vegas.

In 1958, 300,000 American tourists have visited Havana. Among these people also where the famous Hemingway, “in terms of the concept of beauty can only be passed in Venice and Paris to Havana.” He has expressed Havana’s how beautiful it was.

1959 After the United States entered into a very difficult period in terms of trade with Cuba embargo to the city. Country, all private business and building on the island and wanted to nationalize distressed about it. Later, all private property has been nationalized by the Cuban government.

Social Life in Cuba

How Cuba is a country?  Every step you take in from Cuba, you may encounter a different classic car. Cuba, which is known for its passion for classic cars. Country people not paying preferred car models, known worldwide, are known for their passion for classic cars

The Cuban people are hospitable, friendly, warm and are known for their closeness to the people. Tourists visiting the city remains very satisfied with the overall interest of the people. So from Turkey to the Cuban people will have the feeling as if I never left the country.

It is started very early days in Cuba. Even at 8 am, the streets are brimming with people. In addition, people who go to work in the morning is to walk on the road with a smile on their faces. It may seem a little interesting, but do not be surprised as you never saw a man walking down the road in the early morning hours of dancing in Cuba. Because dance is almost a way of life and the source of life for Cuba. Seventy seven, men and women indiscriminately, all takes a great interest in folk dances. Also much interest in dance has a great admiration for the music in Cuba. street dancers that cheer the streets of Cuba and has become an icon of street musicians in Cuba. In addition to the dance and music culture, the people of Cuba attaches great importance to the training of social life close to 95 percent next segment of the population has completed secondary education. Cuba everyone has equal rights, discrimination can not be observed. In this way, happiness is quite high ratio of the Cuban people.

Cuba Unknown Features

How Cuba is a country?  According to a survey conducted by UNESCO country where people most want to see is Cuba.
The people in Cuba who are known for their passion for classic cars. The streets, which are found most 1959 model American car.
-Cuba a different feature of the billboard is to never be on the streets.
the chief of the -Cuba cigar factory, the newspaper until the end of overtime to their employees and to read the magazine in the reading shows how much she cares about the people of Cuba.
In Cuba’s people consume the most coffee and avocados.
-World Across most cocktails are in Cuba.
You never see a bank in Cuba.
Despite the fact that in Cuba a very poor country, you will never see the homeless or people begging on the streets. The reason, health care in the country, housing and education is free.
-Motoric one of the countries that most value is Cuba. The most famous sports is baseball in Cuba.
racism is a big problem of the earth’s country, you come across in Cuba.
-Turkish known and very loving Ataturk Cuba also attract attention to the presence of Atatürk bust in a park in Havana.
Unlike our country for two years military service in Cuba. It is also interesting to voluntary military service for women.
-Cuba People in the use of mobile phones is allowed only in 2010. Due to the expensive prices of mobile phones, there are no phones in many people.
One of the best countries in the delivery of health education with -Dünya doubt küba’dır.ayrı of education, in the best doctor possible to say that out of the -Cuba.
Another striking feature -This country is the absence of any poisonous animals and plants.
so that the faith of the people more say in Cuba. You will not see any religious material to the Cuban Constitution accordingly,.
The people in Cuba is done by mowing-taxi transportation instead of cars.
by 196 meters in size it is located in the world’s largest official Cuba.
Wood borders made the first train in Cuba Amerarika is used in the distribution of sugar cane. This innovation made a big impact around the world.
-kral Country symbol palm tree, marips symbol is accepted as the flower. Also symbols are matched with the colors of the Cuban flag.


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