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How Home Laser Hair Removal?

How Home Laser Hair Removal?



How laser hair removal at home?
The number of home laser hair removal to get rid of unwanted hair that is growing steadily. In particular, the upcoming summer dress comfortably, permanent hair removal is preferred in order to feel free. We want to talk about a new device that home laser hair removal facilities.

The skin smooth and reliable long-term factors Braun Silk almost painless way of introducing women-expert IPL sensoadapt ™ is revolutionizing the color sensor. This technology continuously measure the skin color for effective implementation, effective, fast and automatically adjusts the optimal light intensity for safe practice.

NEW IPL technology with the fastest IPL Braun Silk-expert with the comfort of the women of the house provides the safest and most effective way to bring their applications sensoadapt ™ technology.

  • Home laser hair removal safe?

Braun Silk-expert IPL, capable of producing 120,000 beats. This is only the lower leg, which means it provides about 14 years of use of the forearm and bikini line or when using pulses percent. When applied to the entire body treatments and even when pulses to prevent regrowth, provides nearly 6 years of use.

  • Home laser hair removal is fast?

by a horse in every 0.9-1.9 seconds depending on the energy density of the IPL technology offers the fastest available high energy levels Braun, the application allows the legs to be completed within 8 minutes.

  • Does laser hair removal work?

Braun Silk-expert IPL, clinically tested and approved by the FDA. * Clinical trial, four weeks after application show that women experience a significant reduction in hair growth:

94% of women, visible only say that after three months of use the results were obtained.

89% of women are visible even 12 months after the most recent applications have experienced hair reduction *.

  • Do you have pain at home laser hair removal?

This is almost painless hair removal system, women in the region face in providing a solution for a time to be able to get all the feathers and also can be used over the entire body.

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