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How is a city in San Diego?

How is a city in San Diego?



San Diego, the United States is one of the largest cities in the state of California.

Located in San Diego in Southern California has the Pacific Ocean coast. The city is located in another major city of Los Angeles, California, approximately 190km south.

Also the city, is located on the border of Mexico. San Diego is a city founded in 1769. Approximately 3 million people live in the city is built. San Diego, the eighth largest in the United States. And the city is also the 2nd largest in California. the city is.

San Diego, is regarded as the birthplace of California. At the same time in the city, the United States, a city that is also home to the Navy.

How is a city in San Diego?  The city is famous for its world-famous harbor and beaches. one of the city’s health and biotechnology in terms of the most developed cities in the United States are considered. Europeans who first set foot in San Diego is located.

Europeans 16. When they landed on the western side of the San Diego Bay century they have ridden feet. 1769, which began to be built by the Spanish European cities, San Diego has become a part of Mexico in 1821, after the US-Mexican War, joined the United States.

In 1850 the United States has become a part of San Diego, it has been registered as the birthplace of the State of California.

How is a city in San Diego?  San Diego, is regarded as one of the most important cities in the State of California. The city’s contribution to the state of California is more serious.

The economy of San Diego, Los Angeles and then San Francisco 3. It ranks. The most important point of the city of Tijuana is also considered as the engine of the economy. The region is the backbone of the military and defense industry.

Also of tourism is recognized as a center of international trade and rules of origin. The most important educational and research institutions of the city is the University of California. University of medicine at Harvard in the United States, along with John’s Hopkins is considered as the best universities. In regions with a significant potential in the medical field are the UCSD Medical Center.

How is a city in San Diego?

In San Diego Bay, Rose Canyon, Laguna Mountains, there are many attractions such as the San Diego River and Trails Regional Park. Seen the ocean climate in the city. It passes quite hot and humid summers.

Summer temperature approximately, it is around 31C. In winter, temperatures fall up to 6C can be seen. Also in “Witch Creek Fire” is famous for its natural phenomenon adıyal said. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists visit this place to see the inside of this event.

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