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How Is A City Of Venice?

How Is A City Of Venice?



Venice, Italy, is a city located in the Northeast. The city, a total of 117 pieces large and small islands and islets. The city is completely covered with the channel. Chat rooms almost everywhere, in and out of the city. Road transport is very limited in Venice of people provide transportation needs through the canals. Even some of the buildings on the bridge was established in the system, so that people without the need of building canals directly capable via these hyperlinks. Completely under the water level of the city of Venice, is under a serious threat. According to experts, the Foundation of most of the houses in Venice and tails rotted. New in a short time span between 50 to 80 years, is considered to be çürüyecektir.

The capital of the Veneto region of Italy is Venice, built as home to approximately 300.000 people. This historic town is home to 300.000 people, while an average of 600.000 tourists each month. This is quite high and it is a pleasing on behalf of Italy. History’s most interesting cities, towns and villages, considered to be one of UNESCO’s World Heritage list, Venice has become one of the city numbered too. Located in the Centre of Venice is flooded approximately 300.000 people, although water level high regions of residence regard within the city limits, approximately 2, 600, 000 people.

How Is A City Of Venice? The region has a history of fairly established. As a result of scientific studies relating to human presence in the region marks m. d. 10. dates back to the 18th century. Ancient Rome directly bears the name of the Venetian Republic, and are not part of the city has hosted the world trade to numbered shows between highlights. Seen as the starting point of the silk and Spice routes located in Venice, in particular in the field of maritime trade 10. century and has been of great importance for the Europeans in the aftermath. 15. century, in this sense, the relationships with the Ottoman Empire in Venice’s good relations with almost all States are in.

The city, although an extraordinary structure, as a result of a big scientific researches it is established that the city is facing destruction. The water level in the city has been increasing every year approximately half a centimeter. The Buddha is about 30 cm of water level after 60 years will rise by pointing to that, many in this city would not interfere with any of the House’s ground floor will remain submerged. Although this is the danger, Seth is the region’s damp caused many House decay. Many of the home under danger in the region, poses a serious problem.

How Is A City Of Venice? Italy’s most important cities, towns and villages, considered to be one of Italy’s contribution to the tourism of Venice. Tourism revenue from approximately 17% due to a part directly from Venice’s visitors. Due to such an important source of income, the Italian authorities of the region to be free of all risk is launched and a study for a new infrastructure work, putting together a totally resistant to this environment houses to life design was decided to be restored. The Government of Italy is approximately 560 billion euros, a figure that is expected to be cost, such as the work is not yet fully geçirilebilmiş to life.


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