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How is a Helsinki City?

How is a Helsinki City?



Helsinki, capital of Finland is a member of the European Union and also the city’s largest and most popular. Finland’s Helsinki is located in Uusimaa, it is among the leading cities in Scandinavia.

Helsinki is located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, it is regarded as Finland’s most important export center. That extends an arm of the Baltic Sea cruise ships of the city and in this sense also accepted as an important stop in Helsinki are approximately 1.4 million people live.

If the base will be the center of the city, 625.268 people lives in a built-in image format. When it is within the city limits as well as the region are also included, it can be considered based on the population of 1.5 million. Buddha serves in Finland’s most populous city.

Looking at the closest and most important cities in Estonia’s capital Tallinn to Helsinki we see. Tallinn, 80km away from the city. In addition to this, the Swedish capital of Stockholm 400km’lik Helsinki is located at a distance.

How is a Helsinki City?  The distance to the east of Helsinki, located in close proximity with Russia in Saint Petersburg is around 300km. Helsinki, was discovered in 1550, according to official records. At this time, the city has grown rapidly discovered and was able to achieve today before it becomes 150 years.

began to be considered as the official value of the property as a capital for the first time in 1812 in Helsinki to win the next year has doubled and even Scandinavia’s leading metropolises.

How is a Helsinki City?  purchase in Helsinki mayor Jussi Pajunen his power is above the standard in the European Union. approximately 84.3% of the 1.5 million people residing in Finland is 6.1% of Swedish origin. In the remaining 9.6% slice of Germans, Russians and Danes are taking the lead. The majority of Finland’s population consists of people between 15 and 64 years. Increased the number of people aged 15 to 64 years, according to the statistical result is around 72%. The city tax rate applied in the region is 18.5% of pruning makes it quite expensive. In 2012 Helsinki is a worldwide architecture in the world has managed to win the Best Architecture Award. Generally it is seen mainly in Helsinki structuring Gothic houses were built mainly of stone extremely modern and robust manner.

Climatic extreme northern point of the summer take place in the region if we eliminated the sinking late winters in the sun, causing the sun is very little to be seen. average winter temperatures vary between -5 and -10. As well as 20 degrees centigrade in summer the temperatures do not exceed much. Measured in the region it has been by far the highest temperature of 33.1 degrees Celsius on July 18, 1945. As well as the lowest temperature value by -35.9 degrees Celsius on January 9, 1987 and ölçülmş.

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