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How Lofoten Islands is a place?

How Lofoten Islands is a place?



So many of us see in the photo, with the beauty of the place can not believe to be true is just one of the Lofoten Islands. Great big hill covered with green and blue as intertwined this nature in Norway has made a name with a great place to chill. So first, let’s talk a little bit about Norway.

A Great Island in Norway

Norway, west of the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe, Finland, Sweden and shares its borders with the Russian Federation, the coast is a cold country surrounded by hundreds of fiyortl. Left traces in many different visitors, fans are going to be snow country, Norway welcomes the Lofoten Islands a lot more visitors.

Found in the village on the island

If we are about to mention so laudatory words we exert the Lofoten Islands; Stamsung island in the north of Norway, Reine, Moskenes’s villages like. They are all in a position to compete with each other in terms of beauty. But little need to deal to go to the island. railway points in the city takes you to the city of Bodo latest. Moskenes, the first village after leaving the train and you have to take the ferry to go to the village of Re.

You have to Moskenes village after a journey of about 3-4 hours. After that you should rent a car or to visit other places or times you see the bus. However, bus times more to this issue prior to the time set by the school must have worked very well. Other than that, for example, about 5 kilometers from Reina from Moskenes, if you’re someone who does not like to walk on foot, you can go to the magic of the landscape even caught up to Reina.

Thick can place on the island

How Lofoten Islands is a place?  Islands, markets, stores, hotels can offer in terms of not much more advanced facilities also very convenient as the price. He will have to set your place in advance so there are benefits. Do not supply your needs before going to the island will also provide support for small-scale as your budget will not leave you in a difficult time of need.
Besides, should not forget that the extreme cold weather on the way to Norway trip and you should choose clothes accordingly.

Admire the outgoing living in Norway but we have to give some information about Norway, where many complains; unfortunately quite high in suicides in the world ranking place. That, during the winter months nearly 8 months abdomen from the ground up to, to connect to the range in January for a month until the day would never guess wrong. As well as the end of May until mid-June does not have any night.

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