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How perfect makeup?

How perfect makeup?



Makeup, if done correctly reveals the natural beauty of women. To pick up the best results, you need to know the secrets of the perfect makeup. Your best friend ‘High Heels’ step by step how perfect makeup, we’re telling.

Hide the bruises Detention

If you mess, since the purple ring in your custody, you can hide them with concealer in a lighter shade than your own skin color. Tilt your chin down slightly when applying concealer. Because this move will facilitate your work with your ring and winning even more apparent. However, they would be temporary solution for you. So also do not forget to use conditioner to get rid of your problem.

Show your lips fuller

Because your lips fuller bottom lip to show your middle and upper lip gloss pink silvery edges of your flock. larger shows that even without lip gloss lip liner is difficult to understand this.

Shape your brows

Synchronize eyebrows. the size of your eyebrows are different from each other, no need to wait for days to extend your eyebrows. You can achieve your dream with instant access to brow powder shadow or eyeliner. To synchronize two scratching each other to fill in the gaps you need to do.

Highlight cheekbones

Who have high cheekbones like the famous top models would not want … Of course not difficult to have pronounced cheek like them. Includes pull your cheeks For this you need to do to create space on your face. Then you must use a cream blush in bronze tones to give a bright outlook in the region. If you time your powder with sparkling glitter on your cheeks will come to your cheekbones more prominent.

The data volume of your lashes

If you dream of as eyelash brush owned by Hollywood stars, start by curling your eyelashes work. Then Apply mascara to your lashes. So when you have to look longer and fuller eyelashes.

Show your nose more beautiful

‘If my nose is too wide, “he blues, lighten up along the length of your nose, you should take some six. Then your nose in a darker shade closer to your own skin color is applied to both sides. You will notice that your nose appear thinner because thanks to this shading operations.

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