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How should a sport be performed during the Pregnancy?

How should a sport be performed during the Pregnancy?



After consulting the doctor, the doctor can exercise his / her importance and certain restrictions, provided that the rules are adhered to. As long as there is no health problem and the doctor has approved it, pregnant women can go to the exercises 3-5 times a week for 20-30 minutes. Of course, the warning here is necessary; There are some points; The preferred exercises are non-exhausting exercises with no risk.

You can do it in pregnancy, your circulatory and respiratory system works better; It will also provide positive benefits when you listen better.

After the pregnancy, various exercises can be done. The time can be tracked by calculating the pregnancy and by calculating the week in which the exercise can be performed (note the consultation of the type of exercise to be performed on the week of the doctor).

During the first trimester of pregnancy, if you do not have a restriction on health, pregnant women can do light-weight walking and stretching-style back exercises to strengthen the spine. Hammers can also do exercises such as pilates and yoga.

During 3-6 months of pregnancy, exercises in the supine position are exercises that should be avoided because it will cause pressure on the baby and leave the baby without oxygen. During this period, it may be a matter of taking part in hiking, light-tempo group exercises, pilates and yoga sessions. Pilates and yoga exercises during pregnancy should be done under the supervision of experienced trainers.

The 6-9 month periods are the periods when the baby has completed the final stages of its formation and the mother’s abdomen has grown the most, especially during the last month when the baby is nearing birth.

Only movements in the sitting position should be done to protect the baby during this period. In addition, walking exercises can be continued. Participating in Pilates sessions has been of great importance in recent times for easier and more comfortable childbirth and it is recommended to be under the supervision of an instructor as it is the whole pregnancy process.

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