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How Singapore is a country?

How Singapore is a country?



Singapore, Republic of Singapore or in other words, is among Southeast Asia’s most modern residential areas. Singapore is an island nation located in Asia, and this state is located in the Indian Ocean.

Located north of the equator 137k Singapore is also hosting the site on many small islands. This small island is given to the 60 islands in the team name and go to many tourists here. Singapore’s closest neighbors Malaysia and Indonesia. 4 official languages ​​are spoken in the country; English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.

Although many languages ​​spoken in the language is also located outside these 4 languages ​​as the language of rummy Singapore Constitution. Singapore’s prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong is. The President Tony Tan is. It was discovered in the area in 1819 and the British have dominated the region. In 1959, Singapore began to govern itself and British absence of obstacles to this situation, on 31 August 1963, Singapore declared its independence.

After independence participating in the Malaysia Singapore separated from Malaysia in 1965 and two years later became a fully independent country.

How Singapore is a country?

With a population of around 6 million Singapore is a highly developed country and the welfare of citizens is on the European Union standards. The strength of the economy of the country is around 430 billion dollars annually. The GDP per capita is estimated to be 55 thousand dollars.

In 1963 the country declared its independence from the United Kingdom although the country is still possible to see traces of more than British. Singapore, are lefthand drive vehicle traffic. A portion of the population in the country is mainly of Chinese origin. This, as well as Malaysian and Indian origin can be found in many Sinagapor citizens.

In this sense, the region has a cosmopolitan multicultural structure. In the Second World War it has been recognized as one of the important bases of the British. Here attacked Japan and has caused quite devastating.

How Singapore is a country? When Japan attacked and occupied zone is between 5 thousand to 25 thousand people of Chinese descent were killed. Among them there are also soldiers and civilians. Japan, the United States dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs that deliver results ancestor of the horse when it announced British control over the past 13 years in England and continued to exploit more.

There are 3 main islands and 60 smaller islands in Singapore. Singapore’s mainland to Pulau Ujong name is given. This name is Malayc. Except that links the neighboring Singapore and Malaysia also provides the sea. Both countries are known as friendly and brotherly countries.

oceanic climate prevails in the region. In summer the average temperature varies between 22 to 35 degrees.  The winters are quite rainy. The average humidity varies between 73 to 79.

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