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How Tehran is a city?

How Tehran is a city?



Tehran, Iran’s capital and also the largest city. The city’s mayor, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf serves.

approximately 8.2 million people live in the city center while the city is within the limits of 12.2 million people has a built-in position. In this sense, the city, is the most populous city in Iran.

Tehran is one of the world’s oldest settlements. The city has hosted many civilizations and has a strategic position. in many places in the city, including mosques, churches and synagogues which settlements can be seen. City old construction building recently completed modern buildings is concerned, it is possible to see.

The city’s most important points, which comes from the settlements and Milad Azadi Towers is located. These two structures have been identified in almost Tehran and Tehran, they symbolize. Owned by Tehran with a population of around 12 million of the world’s most populous city of 30 29. It has managed to be.

How Tehran is a city?  in several languages ​​mainly spoken by the Persians konuşulsa not recognized as official in the city. Tehran, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran because of the embargo demonstrates a rather slow growth momentum. Although the majority of Iran’s 12 million people living in the city at the same time, Armenians, Kurds and Azeris located here have reached a considerable majority of the Turks.

It’s different nationalities living in Tehran are ruled by people called themselves Tehran. Tehran has hosted many civilizations with natural resources should be noted that among the world’s richest city infrastructure.

As in many parts of Iran, Tehran’s underground wealth is located between the oil and natural gas. There are many points of historical buildings in the city. Among them, the White House, Mirror Hall, Niavaran Palace, the Houses of Parliament are located Armory Square and Fredows gardens.

How Tehran is a city?

Tehran, the capital, is a fairly established on a moving landscape. This geography has paved the way for moving the date of the incident which killed many of the people who live here. Earthquake Tehran during more than 50 thousand people have lost their lives and the city has been redesigned. The weather is quite hot and sultry winters in Tehran pass quite cold and rainy.

Despite the embargo, because the city itself continues to grow and curiosity for many tourists annually serves approximately 5 million tourists a host. However, this figure is declining with each passing day.

If a visit to Iran, first of all if you have an entry stamp for American or must carry an Israeli passport as well as passport in your American or have received a visa from Israel or whether you find there, you will be deported by receiving country.

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