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How to increase AdSense Cost-per-Click (CPC) 12 Way

How to increase AdSense Cost-per-Click (CPC) 12 Way



He owns many internet sites, he makes money from internet sites with Adsense. There is a topic that a large majority of the same site owners are suffering from. Low CPC figures, “cost per click” …

“How to upgrade Adsense CPC?” Before responding to the question; For those who do not know what is TBM I want to talk about it briefly.

What is TBM?
Adsense is a Google service used by advertisers. Ads served on this Google service are sent by advertisers through another Google service, Adwords. There is a charge on Adwords that is set by the advertiser for their ad. Some of this charge is taken by Google as a “service fee”; The rest is transferred to the user who posted the ad. This transferred amount also creates the “Cost per Click”.

Now, let’s come to the question of how to increase the cost per click …

How to increase AdSense Cost-per-Click (CPC) 12 Way

How to increase Adsense CPC?
1-To increase the revenue per click, you first need to know how the Adsense system works.
2-Adsense ads – although not explicitly described by Google – are publishing within a specific algorithm. This algorithm, according to general proof;
3-It shows ads related to the topic visitors are looking for on your site.
4-Using cookies, the visitor shows relevant ads to the site that they visited earlier.
5-Costly ads that pay more per click; It shows first.

6-In this case, what can we do with the AdSense CPC upgrade process?
7-First of all, we need to keep an eye on our sites. If there are issues on our site that will reduce the cost per click, we can revise these issues.
8-In our new topics, we can include content to upgrade CPC. You must remember that it should not be irrelevant to your content.
There used to be people who used to do this.
9-If you add words such as “aesthetic istanbul” around the advertisement field so that the page content is “open a blog” while the “aesthetic” advertisement appears on your page, Adsense bots perceive this.
10-And frustrating result: Your account is closed.
We may consider the morning walks. After all, expensive advertisements first appear!
11-In this case, we can post your edits in the morning and share in our social media accounts.
Finally, we can block “trash ads” that pay less than one per click per click through Adsense.
12- This way, we can show more relevant and quality ads to our walk-ups and increase the cost-per-click.

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