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How Toronto is a city?

How Toronto is a city?



Toronto, located on the North American continent is one of Canada’s most important cities. Toronto is one of Canada’s most populous city, in the central region has a population of approximately 2.7 million.

However, the total population within the city limits, is around 5.6 million. Toronto, North America’s New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and is a city with a population next most central of the city of Atlanta.

The city mayor John Tory. The city’s economy is one of the engines as the Canadian city. Canada’s annual contribution to the city is about $ 280 billion, which together with the city of Montreal to Toronto is Canada’s financial center.

The average annual income of residents in the city is about $ 45 thousand which corresponds to the Canadian average. Toronto, began to be established in 1793 and has shown a fast growing developments after that date.

How Toronto is a city?  It is recognized as one of Canada’s most modern city, town and people who were born here, many people living outside Canada. In this sense, the city is hosting a point more immigrants than Montreal.

When compared with the population of Toronto, Toronto, Montreal has a large population. Toronto, Canada, that is within 26% of the total population of the country with the most populous city hosting. people live in the region with approximately 200 different ethnic groups.

In addition, close to 140 languages ​​are spoken in the region. But the city is mainly spoken English and French is the official language. Toronto, will be taken into consideration if domestic and foreign tourists annually by approximately 25 million tourists home has Canada’s most visited location city.

There are a number of skyscrapers in the city and between the skyscrapers are also shown on CNN Tower, one of the world’s longest.

How Toronto is a city?

In the city, at many points, galleries, museums, recreational areas, a festive centers and sports facilities. Toronto also; Winter Olympics also has the distinction of being a city that has hosted.

Winter sports in terms of being recognized as one of the most interesting cities in the world in Toronto, wrote to a temperature of 17 degrees, while in winter the air who has a minus degrees. Geographically which is quite mountainous region Toronto is famous for its mountain covered with snow. The city is considered one of the most livable cities in the world.

Cities in the United States located in close proximity and the many tourists coming to the state of America in Seattle has become one of the popular destinations. The city also has its limits into Lake Ontario.

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