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I found the ultimate solution to the black spot!

I found the ultimate solution to the black spot!



I found the ultimate solution to the black spot!
Do you have the nerve to non-black dot on his nose? How many of us who would get rid of them one by one squeezing past the front of the mirror? I am sure that quite a large number of women want to find a way to blackhead cleansing.

I want my gospel: Random easily got rid of blackheads on my way and now I share with you my discovery!

I believe that my life and I like the natural simplicity in all areas and store everything from nature is a miracle for us. definitive solution to black spot, I found that relying on my faith. I for use in slicing avocado salad, avocado saw a particle remains inside the shell, it could not bear to throw away, I thought, I wonder how I can use.

To my mind, skin and hair care is a super nutritious fruit avocado arrived and drove the remaining avocado my nose inside the shell. To reach deep massage with circular movements and then I waited about fifteen minutes my skin. Meanwhile, a stress on my skin, I feel warm that I was sure it was a good sign!

go to the bathroom with soft movements and rinse with warm water did I take up my nose avocado. I was shocked when I looked in the mirror because you tighten, you can use the cleansing gel, scrubs before I black spots had decreased substantially. “It must be a miracle!” She said, once I decided to make more use avocado mask and second results were spectacular:
Black dots dropped a little more. In the following days the dead skin on the top of my nose, I have witnessed the emergence of self-peeled fresh skin beneath. Now, I can recommend the avocado mask you with peace of mind, it’s so good to me!

Let me tell you how to sum avocado mask for blackheads cleaning

  1. Apply a teaspoon of avocado cream to areas such as the black point.
  2. If you want you can keep your skin but waited about 15 minutes until the morning drove the night.
  3. Meanwhile, I took only my nose but can be used safely in all skin care is a very good future.
  4. With warm water, rinse with soft movement. But it’s clear that the avocado is very useful and light enough to stay with vitamin E oil on your skin.

How should you use the avocado mask?

I think your blackheads until completely survivors do every day avocado mask is very easy to use as you see already.

Best opening your pores after bathing to see results softened with black spots the mask would be better to do, I’ve enjoyed it much more this way.

Avocado sold where, how does he hide?

Avocados in our country, you can order easily from the internet or in a fruit but it’s the grocery store aisle newly recognized.

Black spot cleaning for you took a teaspoon of the avocado, it is not going to do the rest? Let me answer this important question: slice and put in the refrigerator, remove from freezer bag. In this manner it will remain fresh longer.

If you take 15 minutes before using it immediately dissolves and becomes ready to use.

How to peel avocado?

If I mention it, I’ll tell him how to clean avocado: I usually cut in half as full splits apart into two parts, and I keep pulling. Remove the crust from getting the help of a tablespoon of avocado.

NOTE: This recipe may not give the same result in each mask skin, those with sensitive skin should surely consult your family doctor.

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