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İğneada: Rights in the Information, is a place İğneada How? Turkey> Thrace

İğneada: Rights in the Information, is a place İğneada How? Turkey> Thrace



İğneada Thrace known as the Pearl of the Black Sea to the west, Thrace is located in the east. A huge dark, has a blue Star Mountains and the Black Sea. a forest where you can find every shade of green you go to İğneada’da, a blue sea where you can dive into the Black Sea, a coastal doyamayacağınız pressing the fine sand, all kinds of fish, you’ll find an abundance of oxygen. Besides 7 units lakes, organic agricultural products and peaceful holiday it will also be waiting for you.
Geographic Location of the İğneada
If we will explain in more detail İğneada depends on Demirkoy town in the district of Kırklareli Marmara Region. It has a coast about 22 kilometers and 100 kilometers from the city center. The metropolis of Istanbul is 260 kilometers away. Therefore indispensable for those tired of the crowds and noise of the city and brought to the fore as a holiday destination can be a peaceful day. The mild climate attracts a lot of attention to. It serves as the summer tourism between June and September.
İğneada in Fishing

İğneada: Rights in the Information, is a place İğneada How? Turkey> Thrace

many natural wonders of technology and the result is impaired when people misuse İğneada has resisted the negative trend. Flooding forest located within the flooded forest streams, Pera and perch offered by Bath and red 28 lake trout species such as freshwater fish varieties are only two noteworthy feature of the borough. Black Sea because it has a fishing port that is used as active as possible to find the freshest of fish species. In general, mackerel, mullet, turbot, anchovy and interests varieties of fish such as whiting. However, fishing outside the specified times for the great care that the waist protected strictly prohibited.
The island’s beaches

İğneada Longos Beach is the longest sandy beach with beach İğneada’da starting from where Mert Lake connected to the sea. The Municipal Beach İğneada stretches between 10-40 meters towards the port area. Coarse sand at the end it comes from a thin sandy beach. Teachers Camp İğneada’da Beach is located about 2 kilometers away. The Harbour Beach Art İğneada too many unpopular but offers a very different swimming enjoying the presence of rising steep hill right on the shore.

Wildlife on the island

İğneada: Rights in the Information, is a place İğneada How? Turkey> Thrace  Northern Europe and also because she was like a bird of paradise bird migration route between Africa. İğneada’da the migration period of birds who were able to find all the qualities that nature here. Besides, in Flooding Longoz Forests 544 plant species, 310 species of insects, 46 species of mammals and 17 species of reptiles from the host.

Bel also has a history of default remains of the Genoese fortress with the castle but the research is considered to belong to earlier periods. The town is located very close to the Demirkoy Date foundry. The ball used in the conquest of Istanbul, and the construction of roses was carried out work in this foundry. 7 at the university’s cooperation is still conducting research on these buildings.

Also in town and you can go through the rather intriguing to Sarpdere Dubnis Cave Village. Today, tourism has been an important place of refuge in time of this cave of bandits and pirates. After hundreds of years of stalactites and stalagmites in the cave is located, even still it is quite a nice experience to observe that are breathtaking.

Sun’s most beautiful Lake Mert there you have the chance to watch the sunset. Sun went down, when the days begin to darken sit on the sand by the Strandzha Mountains can listen to the sweet humming.

When you go to short İğneada’da reach the mountain scenery you want, you can full peace with the soothing sound of the waves. You can picnic along the lake, you can listen to the sound of migrating birds.
You can dive into a different world with a cozy chat about people like you can develop your palate tasting fish taste different kinds. Almost like a paradise lost which succumbed to a completely different feeling in this natural wonder, you can completely purify your negative mood.

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