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Importance of Mothers Milk and What are the benefits?

Importance of Mothers Milk and What are the benefits?



The benefits of breast milk are endless and the importance of breastfeeding.

Newborn babies should be breastfed must for a healthy life. Although the first exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, and up to 2 years and food supplements are becoming much stronger than babies fed with mother’s milk and healthy. That’s why the World Health Organization to fit into the time determined by your baby is very important.When our article mentioning the benefits of breastfeeding, we will inform expectant mothers and mothers who have recently given birth.

Baby Benefits of Breastfeeding
First of all we need to know if there is anything, it is special to every mother’s milk for their baby. For example, premature babies with a mother’s milk for premature infants suitable, whereas 3-month old baby that a mother’s milk for 3 months of the baby’s development and needs uygundur.ann milk is the optimal food for the baby’s soul and body health. So it was told that babies should be breastfed up to 2 years by the World Health Organization.

In addition to food sütüdür.ann mother’s milk is the easiest to digest, organs and accelerate the growth and development of infants because it contains growth factors that regulate the development of the system. the effect of reducing the risk of obesity if we look at bulunmaktadır.sağlıksal effect.

Breast milk, some chronic diseases (diabetes, heart disease, etc.) And has a preventive effect on respiratory and gastrointestinal infections. Baby breastfeeding and nutrition, also affect the future of the resistance against this disease.

So not only breast milk in infancy, the impact on the bones in the future we all know very önemlidir.süt. Calcium reservoir and is good for many ailments of the bones. Mother’s milk to newborn babies by acting as teeth and jaw development, a strong contribution to the development of milk sağlamaktadır.ann miraculously every time heat is appropriate for your baby’s nanny.

Colostrum from the first milk that is also known by other names in the mother’s milk is the most important point for the baby. This is the first position of the first vaccine milk from a baby. The most important vitamins, minerals bulunmaktadır.Ayrıca breast milk from the first milk, is a natural tranquilizer for baby. Mother’s milk-fed babies are less networks, and better sleep.

Breastfeeding mother and baby’s health, except for the effects to improve the relationship between the baby are also available. The emotional bond between mother and baby is developing with breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding mothers with Benefits:
Early breastfeeding by postpartum bleeding cut quickly, the mother had postpartum period more comfortable.
Also it allows the uterus to return to normal more quickly.
Thanks to hormones secreted by the mother shortly Emmey also meet the needs of the rest, would be peaceful.

Breastfeeding mothers breast is lower than the risk of uterine cancer
because it enables the reconstruction of bone mineral gain after birth, postmenopausal women reduce the risk of hip fracture.

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