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Information about Dolmabahce Palace

Information about Dolmabahce Palace



Dolmabahce Palace, the palace was built in 1856 by Abdulmecit. Designed by architects Garabed Balyan and his son Nikoghos palace is quite spectacular. Although there are difficult days of the Ottoman Empire it is striking that so majestic. Hundreds of years of Ottoman rule reflects the traces of Dolmabahce is a place that combines tradition with traces of the West. Largely made with debts from foreign banks palace is open for guided tours only.

Topkapi Palace, which was built on inadequate for meeting the required palace, haremlik and is divided into two parts, namely a greeting. Ceremonies and Hall of official Selamlik room, a private living quarters of the sultan and his family in haremlik.

Information about Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace garden
Dolmabahce Palace garden, Istanbul
Dolmabahçe Palace on the absolute need to see you at the beginning of parts and pieces Crystal Stairs, once only used by sultans and viziers Bab-i Humayun Gate, 16. Located in the garden created in century Kuğulu pool, 2,500 people Ceremonies Hall, on 10 November 1938 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s bedroom that lives close his eyes, silver and inlaid marble comes from the Sultan Hamam.

Information about Dolmabahce Palace
Dolmabahce Palace Crystal Stairs
Crystal Stairs, Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul
in the Dolmabahce Palace, the sine qua non of places to visit Istanbul 285 rooms and 43 halls. Besiktas Dolmabahçe With a beachfront location in the sea, is quite spectacular, especially at night with the lighting of a state. Do you even gezmese to the palace witnessed the absolute sea view.

Dolmabahce Palace Ataturk’s room
Atatürk’s bedroom, Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul
Dolmabahce Palace Visiting Information

Information about Dolmabahce Palace

Address: Vişnezade Mah., 34357 Besiktas Istanbul
Transportation: Inonu Stadium is located near the Dolmabahce Palace Taksim you can walk about 15 minutes. Also buses to Besiktas direction, it is possible to get here by ferry or tram.
Visit Days and Hours: every day except Mondays and Thursdays 09:00 – 16:00 can be visited.
Admission Fees: Full ticket 30, 15 pound discount tickets.
Website: http://www.millisaraylar.gov.tr/portalmain/palaces.aspx?sarayıd=10
Notes: Entrance fees and visiting hours may vary periodically. Please check the website for updated information.

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