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Information about Dupnisa Cave

Information about Dupnisa Cave



The caves are the result of various natural disasters, under wear and dissolution of rock formed and are the result of large underground cavities extending to the slopes. 17-24 C temperature with a humidity of 40-80% that gives the microclimate in the caves. Thanks to this cave is a natural cold storage building. including the elimination of particular respiratory ailments, caves There are many benefits for human health. In this regard, it is important in terms of health tourism.

Dupnisa Cave, Kırklareli, Demirköy district, village boundaries in Sarpdere, Stars in the mountains, the cave which was formed by stream erosion. Rezvan flowing water in the cave is the river forming the border with Bulgaria. Turkey caves in the literature are among the best-known caves. Kırklareli 58 km and 230 km from Istanbul. The total length of the cave can be visited only with a specific part to be 3200 meters.

Dupnisa Cave dry, wet, and her cave consists of three sections. Watery cave, located about 60 meters below the girl and dry cave. There are 11 species of bats in the cave girl of around 60 thousand. The winter months because of the bats reproductive period between November 15 to May 15 this chapter is closed to tourism. The watery cave of bats that have 250-meter, 200-meter section of this year’s two-month dry cave is open on tourism.

There are three different entry points of the cave. However, it is generally entered into the watery part of the cave. For this, cars are entered in the right foot to the cave up the creek after you’ve parked. You feel the coolness from the cave while walking. It, too, was walking toward the opened fridge raises mien in the mind of man.

Write to go around the cave in order to realize the natural beauty, would be more accurate. Thus, from the sweltering heat of summer, you have to protect yourself for a moment. Tea around the place where the parked cars, soft drinks, toast, pancakes, etc. There are places that sell food and drinks. Here, under the big tree on the edge of the creek, the coolness, drink your tea while breathing fresh air, you can eat your pancakes.

Visitors who want to go to Dupnisa cave from Istanbul Silivri, Saray, Saray, to follow the path Visa, Pınarhisar arriving, they can get to the cave continued in the direction of Demirkoy Poyralı. Road signs which leads you.

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