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Information About Georgia, Where is Georgia? Cities and Zones

Information About Georgia, Where is Georgia? Cities and Zones



About Georgia
Georgia, a small country with a surface area of ​​about 70 thousand square meters, has a land climate in terms of its geographical position. The country, which is struggling with difficult economic conditions, nevertheless gives importance to national culture and art. The mountain villages on the Caucasus mountains and the beaches along the Black Sea are worth seeing. The cave monastery of the 12th century named Vardzia is very famous. The capital city Tbilisi has a rich architecture.

Georgia’s Capital, Cities and Zones
Georgia is divided into 9 regions. These are divided into 69 states. The capital is Tbilisi. Other important cities are Batumi, Kutaisi, Gori and Rustavi.

Where is Georgia?
Located in the South Caucasus, on the eastern shore of the Black Sea, Georgia is one of the former Soviet republics. Russia lies in the north of the country, Azerbaijan in the east, Armenia in the south and Turkey in the south. The western border of the country is defined by the Black Sea.


Languages ​​Spoken in Georgia
The official language of Georgia is Georgian. He says that Georgians are based on Kartelles, also mentioned in the Bible. The country has a strong literature based on this language. Almost all of the population in the country also speaks Russian as a second language under the influence of the Soviet Union period.

Religion and Belief in Georgia

Approximately 82 percent of the Georgian population is the Orthodox Christian population. Muslim, Apostolic and Catholic minorities also live in the country.

A Brief History of Georgia

After the Ottomans captured Istanbul in 1453, Georgia was stuck between the Ottoman State and Iran. The Ottoman Empire, which had been attacked by the attacks of Iran from the east for a long time, passed to the control of the Ottomans and the eastern Iran. After the Ottoman-Russian War of 1877-1878, Tsarist Russia seized the whole of Georgia. Although remained independent for a short time at the end of World War I, it was re-invaded by the Red Army and joined Soviet Russia. The country declared its independence after the collapse of Soviet Russia.

Information About Georgia, Where is Georgia? Cities and Zones

When will you go to Georgia?

In Georgia, with its land climate, winters are rife. Therefore, the best time to visit the country is spring and summer months.

How to Go to Georgia

There are daily and direct flights to and from Georgia every day of the week from Istanbul and Ankara. These flights are made to Batumi and Tbilisi.
Georgia Tours

Information About Georgia, Where is Georgia? Cities and Zones

Climate and Weather in Georgia

Georgia is in the Black Sea region and the climate of Rion is warm, humid and semi-tropical. A more continental climate is seen in East Georgia. The winters are cold and the summers are hot and dry.

Georgia’s Economy

The disintegration of the Soviet Union has had a negative impact on the Georgian economy and an unstable structure has emerged for a long time. In the first years of independence, high inflation, a decrease in industrial and agricultural production, a decrease in the number of tourists and a large increase in the unemployment rate were mentioned.
Until 1995, Georgia’s gross domestic product has followed a decreasing trend every year. With the success of the economic stabilization programs initiated by Turkey in 1995, the Georgian economy improved. As of 2003, Georgia’s gross domestic product was Lari 8,465 billion.

Social Life in Georgia

The capital Tbilisi is a very developed city from the social and cultural point of view. The surplus of those who visit the city also comes from the economic formation of the city. The low price of the hotel is remarkable. One night hotel fee is between 35-40 dollars. Tourists can get very favorable gasoline if they come by their own cars. The price of diesel fuel is 1,85 – 2,30 Lari, the price of 1 liter gas is 1,30 – 1,50 Lari. Taxi prices vary from 10 to 30 Lari depending on the distance you will travel, and bus and minibus prices range from 35 to 40 cents.
If you go to Georgia by car you will enter the country and the cows will meet you. There is also great punishment for crushing the freely moving cows on the way. Unlike the world where everyone feeds dogs and cats, geese feed cows. This includes people working in occupations such as doctors and engineering. In addition, the locals make their own cheese.

Information About Georgia, Where is Georgia? Cities and Zones

Georgian Cuisine

In Georgian cuisine, walnut and corn are the most commonly used materials. Eggplant, cabbage, beetroot and leek are frequently found in Georgian dishes, which also have a vegetable-based kitchen. Gürcüler, who prefer white meat especially for meat consumption, uses walnut and walnut sauces in dishes made with chicken. This is the most knowledgeable one.
Georgians have a famous tulum cheese: Gudis Kveli. Both this tulum cheese and tea are located at the head of the breakfast.
For Georgian, the most valuable wedding ceremony comes from the wedding table. When the wedding meals are prepared, they are covered with a blue-colored mask that they believe is the color of fairy-tale happiness. Meat, fish, appetizers, salads and various sauces are absolutely on the menu of the wedding. Another food that is absolutely found on the menu is the famous food of Georgian, which we can interpret as cheese and egg pide.
Hingali, cacapuli, sasivi can be listed among the flavors that are unique to this cuisine. It is also famous for its variety of cold salads and fish. The taste of the food is bigger than the share of fruits and vegetables grown naturally.

Festivals of Georgia

The Tbilisi International Film Festival, held every October, is the most important event. The International Theater Festival and the Tbilisi Jazz Festival (15-24 July) are also important events.

Information About Georgia, Where is Georgia? Cities and Zones

Gifts from Georgia

There are many souvenir shops in Georgia where you can find postcards, magnets, T-shirts, books, and national hats and costumes, as they are in every country. At the Meydan Market in the capital Tbilisi you can find handmade toys, traditional handicraft products made of metals such as copper and various accessories. Georgia is famous for its wines. You can get very good fiyata from these famous wines in the country. But do not leave duty free. Because wine is not sold in the duty free zone at the airport.

Holiday / Holiday / Special Days in Georgia
● New Year’s Day (January 1)
● Orthodox Christmas (January 7)
● Baptism Day (January 19th)
● Anniversary Day (March 3)
● Women’s Day (March 8)
● Independence Day (April 9)
● Easter Sunday (April 11)
● Measuring Memorial Day
● Republic Day (26 May)
● Constitutional Admission Day (August 24)
● Saint Mary’s Day (28 August)
● Mtshete (October 14)
● St. Giorgi Day (November 23)
● Christmas (December 24-25)

Georgia Vision
39927 Apr 2016Vize
Important Alerts About the Georgia Vision
Umuma Passport Passport holders are exempted from vizeden during their travels up to a year.
Diplomatic, Service and Special Passport holders are exempted from vizeden during their travels up to a year.

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