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Information about Mongolia, Mongolia How is a country?

Information about Mongolia, Mongolia How is a country?



Mongolia is located in the East and Central Asia. Russia north of the country, while in the other direction is located in China. China’s dominance in Inner Mongolia, Manchuria, East Turkistan there. and autonomy for the regions of the Russian Federation, Altay, Khakasia, Tuva and Buryatia Autonomous Region Autonomous Republic ‘is. Ulan Bator, Mongolia’s capital and largest city. Approximately 39% of the population lives in Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia’s form of government is a parliamentary republic.

Mongolia’s History Process

Mongolia soil before the Huns, who Cucina, Sien-battery and Gokturk had established dominance. Genghis Khan is the founder of the Mongol Empire. Founded in 1206 Mongol Empire was quite a powerful empire. 16 Mongols. and 17. in the century they were strongly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. Mongolia is a huge part of the Qing Dynasty government in this period has passed. Qing dynasty collapsed in 1911 and thus, Mongolia declared independence. However, Mongolia until 1945, has been striving for international recognition of the sense of independence. In this period, Mongolia has been exposed to Russian and Soviet power. Mongolian policy, was forced to follow the Soviet policy. With the overthrow of the early 1990s, the communist regime in Eastern Europe, Mongolia, the Democratic Revolution is history. So many changes have occurred in Mongolia, it was passed in 1922 removed to a multiparty system and a new constitution was adopted. Numerous in Mongolia with this constitution, political, social and economic reforms were made.

Mongolia’s Physical Structure

Information about Mongolia, Mongolia How is a country?  except for the Gobi Desert in the east of the country, it is a large area of ​​upland view of Mongolia. The average altitude of the country in 1580, the length from east to west and north to south in 2367, which is 1258 kilometers long. numerous mountain range in Mongolia are available. The mountains of the northern city of mountains, known as the West Khangai Mountains.

Mongolia is one of the northern river valleys, Selenge and Orkin is very efficient. The property Kerulin the valley, forming a true highway in eastern Mongolia. many salt lakes and rivers flow into the sea are not available in this country. The majority of the country’s land is located in a large basin of water pouring into the sea in Central Asia. Ono is located Kerulin and rivers in this country, is poured into the Pacific Ocean. Ubas NR between the lake country, Kyrgyzstan NR, Hubsugul, excessive N and Hara Usu takes place.

Population and Social Life

Information about Mongolia, Mongolia How is a country?  5% of Mongolia’s population Kazakh Turks, Mongols constitute 8% of the other 77% of the Mongols to the halh. In the remaining part Chinese, there are Russians and Turks. Mongolians are such a classic of the yellow race. Average height exceeds .1.68 cm. Mongolian people have short legs in accordance with the physical structure, it contains peculiarities with round heads. Also slanting eyes and a beard with the Mongols, the neck is thick. Of course this is a generalization of information. Mongolians are a people who like to live as minority groups. The largest minority group is Oryatlar. Oryat are living in Mongolia’s western provinces. Mongolian Kazakh non-Muslim Turks, who lives in the western part of the country. The largest minority group is still non-Mongol Mongol Kazakh Turks. Russians gathered in Ulan Bator region has established its own minorities.

Information about Mongolia, Mongolia How is a country?  Mongolian people, too much emphasis on sports. Mongols adopted the most wrestling. love the wrestling of the Mongolian people from 7 to 70, he paved the growth of many athletes in the country. Mongolia is also one of the countries with the most widespread use of archery and horse racing. Take children with education given to children at a young age is a successful racer. the audience is intense interest in the competitions held in the country.

Mongolia has a dialect of its own. These dialects occur and the Russian alphabet, is used as the country’s official language. Mongolian is also divided into several dialects. Halha can understand the dialect spoken by all people. The Russian school education in Mongolia are given great importance. All students are Russian, as understandably can speak and understand. Also in high-class state between Russia and Mongolia, the Russian communication training is to make the Mongols. Thus it was formed a bond between two countries. Mongolia is a country with an emphasis on education. Reading of the country – literacy rate of 95%. The number of people living in cities in the country is approximately 51%. The remaining people looking for a place to pasture herds, living a nomadic life is cut. This sector is continuously live a nomadic life.

the domestic cat has the name of the nomadic tents are available. Buddhism is the most widespread religion in the country. except Buddhism, Islam and Christian religions there are many people who belong to the shaman. A majority of Turks are Muslims living in the country. people of different nationalities in the country, plays a major role in the development of the country. Approximately 10,000 Chinese living in Mongolia. China has invested heavily in the construction sector in Mongolia. The most important representatives of the country’s construction sector, undoubtedly, are the Chinese.

Mongolia’s Economy

Information about Mongolia, Mongolia How is a country?  Mongolia is committed to building the economy depends on the policy of the former Soviet Union. big radical changes have occurred in the country after 1990. Country state enterprises gradually began to be privatized. This change has continued with the free market economy. Mongolia’s largest economic resource undoubtedly is animal husbandry. Half of the country is engaged in the livestock sector.

Mongolia can be named as a light industrial countries. Food, textile, chemical and cement production are the most important part of the industry. Copper mines in operation in Mongolia, the first in Asia, are also included in the top ten among the other countries of the world. coal mines in Mongolia, has the capacity to meet the needs of the country.

transportation in the country is generally provided by the rail network. Many commercial transport were conducted by means of rail. Mongolia railway opened in 1956, is the country’s road transport modernized. Less highways across the country, transportation is more attracted to the railways. Therefore it railways shown as a great resource for the country’s economy. Due to the rugged terrain of the country many commercial firms, it provides transportation between the cities or countries forced the railways.

Mongolia, meat products and wool is exported, mainly to Russia. Erdenet copper production in Russian – is intended to keep Mongol trade balance. In addition to Russia, Mongolia, and sells calcium fluorine. Is a return to large commercial loop between Mongolia and Russia. 75% of Mongolia’s export products are also exported to Russia. Country, the portion of 91% of imports from Russia is engaged. Relations between the two countries are quite advanced in terms of trade.

University of Mongolia

National University of Mongolia in the country, the Mongolian University of Science And Technology, there are three universities, including Mongolia International Iniversity. they provide quality education with universities attract the attention of foreign students. Many foreign students are applying to go to Mongolia University.

Natural Resources Country

Gobi in the country, except for allowing livestock to pastures and lawns are available in all other regions. except north-western mountains, the other is generally treeless mountains. There are many wild animals in Mongolia. This place among wild animals, deer, reindeer and wild camels are. As a result of his research of Mongolian paleontologist, dinosaur fossils were discovered in many countries. This research for the region, is recorded as a big step for the advancement of science. Countries in coal, tungsten, copper, molybdenum, gold, tin, natural resources are contained too much. Mongolia is a country in Asia with the largest copper mine. Also ranking in the copper mines, it ranks on the first in the world.

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