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Information about Obelisk (Obelisk) Date, Turkey Istanbul

Information about Obelisk (Obelisk) Date, Turkey Istanbul



Time to time, in the Sultanahmet hippodrome Spina located on the wall so Obelisk Obelisk; Istanbul is located in one of the oldest monuments. In fact, more artifact unfortunately today from the middle located Spina Wall of car racing but the Blue Obelisk, Serpentine Column, and remained Knitting column.

The Story of the Egyptian Obelisk
Blue Obelisk
In that ancient hippodrome in Sultanahmet Square, Obelisk

Ancient Egyptian Obelisk of work which people usually just referred to as the Obelisk of Theodosius Obelisk denilse. According to some, according to some, the memory of his victories in Asia by also commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the ruling Pharaoh 3.Thutmosis, was erected in Karnak Temple (1400s BC). thought to work by the original height is about 30 meters, is made of red granite rock.

We want to come to Rome Obelisk, the story moved to Istanbul, we need to reach out to the 4th century AD. Constantinople, the capital of Emperor Constantine’s son who 2.Constantinius, the obelisk was brought to the city of Alexandria. According to some historians, it was to move to Istanbul purpose but failed, and the aim was to see some of the other already there.

and brought to Istanbul by whom is not known exactly how long it is kept at a certain place according to the inscription on the obelisk’s base. Some sources of the Emperor Julian, the 200-ton obelisk built special ships for this work and that in this way the author brought to Istanbul from Alexandria.

Instead of standing obelisk Obelisk
Marble Pedestal Obelisk and Egyptian hieroglyphics

Finally 1.Theodosius that period, Obelisk Obelisk, takes place on Spina Wall (MS

390). Obelisk column sends special rail for transporting the square where the Blue Marmara coast described.

the current length of the obelisk is around 20 meters. The difference is what is known pieces. Historians usually, if they think that there is no evidence that it was broken during transportation what the broken pieces. Possibilities include: the city can be planted to other points may be lost, which may have been left in the broken point. I read that in 2005 the broken part, but I do not know how accurate it is. Also representing the world by the Obelisk of Theodosius 1 bronze sphere on top again, but he added that it falls in the 9th century and is written in an earthquake or not can not be put back in place.

Obelisk Hieroglyphic Inscriptions
The following text is written in the ancient Egyptian obelisk on 4 fronts. The translation from Wikipedia (Sultanahmet Obelisk and they associate with the page) cited.

Northwest facade: “18. Up and Down with the dynasty of Egypt 3. Tutmosis, God Amon After you provide the victim Horus help all sea and this column festival thirtieth year of his reign by putting them under the provisions of the rivers built for the holidays it will bring many more times and planted. ”

North facade: “After presenting the secret and sacred name of every manifestation of the blessings of the god Amon sacrificed in the great weakness, it aids begging southern friendly, religious light of the owner of the two crowns, was driven to take up to Mesopotamia, the boundaries of the mighty ruler of the country.”

Southeast facade: “The sun was born in that golden forces gave Horus spread to the world with wealth, strong love, with respect, and up and down with Egypt’s crown and Pharaoh selected personally by the sun, the work of his father built for R . ”

South Side: “Horus the grace of God to Himself and down with the sun, the son of the ruler of Upper Egypt and the title of the pharaoh, power and justice for all hair was light on the horizon. It passed in front of the army. She went through the Mediterranean, was defeated in the whole world. Limit the spread until Naharin. Mesopotamia went determination made great wars. ”

Obelisk Roman Qaeda
Obelisk Blue Qaeda
Obelisk Marble Base

In Dikiltaş include Latin and Greek marble pedestal writes:

Greek text: “lying on the floor in a continuous way, this move showed the Emperor Theodosius planting courage and help was called Proclus. In this way instead he planted thirty two days. ”

Obelisk’s mouth is text written in Latin: “At first I resisted, but in obedience to the orders of our supreme lord, I had to carry the victory wreath on renewed tyrants. Everything uninterrupted lineage of Theodosius and his subordinate. They came to me, I was forced to head the winner and rising thirty days under the administration Proclus. ”

Again marble pedestals next to two of the obelisk are embossed decorations. The first brought to Istanbul in Sultanahmet hippodrome in the column on the one hand, and the erection to occur; On the other side depicted council or senate.

Egyptian hieroglyphics Obelisk
Over the Obeliks Ancient Inscriptions

Detailed Tasfirin is like a date Bugra Dercin and I’m quoting from the blog owner as “one of the reliefs

Sits under a semicircular arch on the face of the situation, there are four figures; Theodosius the most massive inside, left the Western Roman Emperor ıı.valentinianus, located right next to his sons Arcadius and Honorius youngest son. There they sit in the ground as if bent in two opposite directions directed to the emperor of Persia and Germans. who left in pointed hats clothing according to four people from Persia, four cloaked figure on the right is amongst German. They keep the gifts they bring their hands to serve the emperor. The other is standing so this time the emperor holds the wreath Kathisma and will give first hand. “

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