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Information about Rhodesian sculpture

Information about Rhodesian sculpture



In the city of Rhodes, the port of Rhodes island at the entrance to the presence, believed to have been among the seven wonders of the world ‘ colossus of Rhodes. The ancient God of the Y as the physician at mythology, this magnificent last Helios G Deng statue, is enormous.

The statue’s construction, after a siege attack be eliminated then needed thank is due to gratitude and feeling. 305-304 BC siege that took place between the years, the people of Rhodes are freed alive. As a result, this statue. Colossus of Rhodes, built by the sculptor was built by Khares from. The statue is made of bronze, height of 32 meters. Located right at the entrance of the port of Rhodes, the gigantic statue is between your legs, at that time the ship in and out of the port. In this way, a port gate task undertaken by de söylenilebilmektedir.

Information about Rhodesian sculpture  Colossus of Rhodes, b.c. 225 – 226 years of collapsed. The statue was destroyed many years before side case is in tilted, is described. Although, it is very difficult this statue is done with the technology of the era thought to, 56 years to the massive statue described stays Pliny, “lies on the floor but still gorgeous”. Another significance of colossus of Rhodes, the island of Rhodes after the overthrow of the unity of the people is moving.

The Historical Development Of The Colossus Of Rhodes How There Have Been?

At the time of the ancient Greek city-States, are known to be dominated by the lands of the system. Lindos, Kamiros and Lalysos, paired with Rhodes, four island State that thornycroft. In 408 BC, the island States with each other and as a result of the Treaty of Union and the adjective ‘ a capital of Rhodes. In this case, as un economic empowerment of Rhodes. Egypt made with commercial activities have developed enlarged and trade relations. However, the Macedonian Antigonid, in 305 b.c., Egypt on behalf of the Union and relationships with corrupt attempts to siege the city ushered in the period of the war.

Information about Rhodesian sculpture  In 304 BC, by ensuring peace, military materials and be melt melting materials began the construction of the Colossus of Rhodes. The construction of the statue, it took about 12 years or so. Completed in 282 b.c. sculpture, the big earthquake in 226 b.c. remained up. As a result of the earthquake, most of the city was destroyed and broken from a statue at the knee section. Restructuring of the city from the King of Egypt of the period and the people of Rhodes seeking for help restoring the statue, because of a spreading rumor originated could not obtain the help you want. Therefore, the Colossus of Rhodes for nearly 900 years. Next, a Syrian Jewish merchants bought by sculpture, by all accounts, she moved with the full 900 camels.

Other information about the sculpture could not be found. Today, the United States and the statue of liberty, one of the symbols was designed, period, is made on the basis of the representation of the Colossus of Rhodes.


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