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Information about Scotland, Scotland How is a country?

Information about Scotland, Scotland How is a country?



United Kingdom ‘t Located Wales, Northern Ireland, England and Scotland. It has the most populous in the kingdom after the United Kingdom, the country with the second highest population is in Scotland. With the independence referendum held on September 18, 2014 Scotland United Kingdom ‘tank is removed. Scotland’s capital Edinburgh, where the island is British. Scotland is divided into 3 areas.

From north to south they are leaving this region, Highlands, the Central Belt and Southern Uplands’. Most of Scotland’s population, who live close to sea level in the Central Belt region. The most populous city of the Central Belt, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling are. In Scotland, there are many on the island. Scotland lakes, islands, are among the countries with a rich nature with mountains. Scotland is not a fully independent country. But despite this, Scotland has its own flag, parliament and the capital is available. Scottish, history, culture, the traditions are very important data. In addition, continuous live and their culture, pay attention to keep the tradition alive.

Edinburgh Capitals

Information about Scotland, Scotland How is a country? Edinburgh is Scotland’s second largest city. The capital is located in the east of Scotland. It is also quite close to the North Sea. This city view, attract attention to the architecture. City history, facilities, size, enchants people with its beauty. Most of the people survive in this city with shows continuous growth capital. Royal Mile, the street is one of the most famous streets of the city is a dominant position. Here attract the attention of the majestic castle is located. Prince Philip makes the management of the city. Also in this town, “Old Town” and “New Town” area is very important. Because this region is located in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Edinburgh University is located in this city, it is the oldest university. This university was founded in 1583 and top 9 of the world. He has had a university title.

Language in Scotland

three different languages ​​are spoken in Scotland. In these languages, English, Scottish and Scottish Cermencesi. English is spoken in most of these languages. But in addition, about thirty percent of the population is fluent in İskoçça. The Welsh-speaking areas is approximately a ten percent. However, this segment speaks almost in English-speaking Welsh. Many courses have been created for people to know the Scots in Scotland.

Education in Scotland

University of Glasgow

This is one of the country’s first educational institution that comes to mind is the University of Glasgow. This university was founded in 1451. In addition, the University of Glasgow is known as Scotland’s oldest university. This university is the fourth oldest university in the English speaking countries. University of Glasgow, reputation, work to be done, research, prestige is an example of a university education. This university is very famous in Europe. The main campus of the University Gilmorehill.

University of Edinburgh

Name suggests that üzre, Edinburgh University is located in the capital Edinburgh. This university was established in 1583. Edinburgh University is the best in the world, is one of the most respected universities. This college has won many awards. 2010 in taking the award for best international universities from nine universities in the world, has proved its success. If he counts the other awards Edinburgh University, 9 Nobel Prize, 1 Abel Prize, and we need to add a large number of gold medals at the Olympics.

These universities like Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge as proven internationally, most respected, takes its place among the most prestigious universities. In addition, the University of Edinburgh is one of the world’s richest university. The thing that draws attention to the establishment of the university, the King VI. the establishment of the order of James and is being funded by the local municipality. Because at that time it was established by order of the authorities of any papal university in Europe. Edinburgh University is the first university established by order of the papal authority. In this respect, which is very important to Edinburgh University, the world’s first civic university. This university apart from other universities in Scotland has a separate satat and legal rights.

Students who choose to be the rector of this university is quite different. Many principles have also been signed with the University of Edinburgh for his work. One of the leading artificial intelligence comes from neuroscience and cognitive science. Teviot Row House student union building was established as belonging to the school. This building bears the distinction of being the structure of the world’s first student union. the first artificial intelligence research center in Europe, has a very important place among the success of the university’s signature. Also, it is known as the world’s first mammal cloned sheep Dolly was cloned at Edinburgh University. There are names that attracts a lot of attention among the graduates of this university. Notable alumni include Charles Darwin University in Edinburgh, David Hume, and names such as Alexander Graham Bell. In addition, Adam Smith, Max Born, famous names like Peter Higgs gave lectures at Edinburgh University.

Scotland’s Places
There is a language of Scotland’s legendary beauty. Many film which is the subject of Scotland, has a tremendous beauty of the countryside. One of the countries where most of the greens in the world, which undoubtedly is Scotland. If there are plans to visit Scotland in mind, we encourage you to visit Scotland in August. With the Edinburgh Festival held in this period, you can experience unforgettable moments. Edinburgh Festival has several art activities together. Scotland mention of our mind, greens, and bagpipe comes word of freedom. The world renowned Scotch whiskey with Scotland, gray evening you will be offered a dusty air image. Scotland’s castle-style houses, is the point of tourists attracted the most attention.

you walk through the streets of Scotland reflects a combination of history and nature. Scotland offers a great opportunity to do shopping festival. The products are sold in the markets many brands in the country as cheap. Step to the right as soon as you step into the street in Edinburgh Scotland. narrow, cobblestone streets of the medieval you will reflect the breeze. If you want to dominate the city, your request can be met with the full meaning of Edinburgh Castle. You have a little fun and you want to distribute your head, Royal Mile, you will live an unforgettable night. The Royal Palace is one of the places frequented by tourists Hill and Arthur’s Seat. City offers all facilities, accompanied by a mystical aura.

Information about Scotland, Scotland How is a country? Highlands is one of Scotland’s most famous landmarks. If you want to witness to the waterfalls in the valley, accompanied by a guide you should visit necessarily Highlands. Highlands is a place frequented by photo enthusiasts, people are fascinated by nature almost. One of the most well-known city in Scotland with Glasgow welcomes you with live music and concerts. Also in Glasgow, also it called arts center. City can be easily understood from the activities carried devotion to the art of the people.

The need of the most famous art locations and visit the city of Glasgow, The Modern Institute and Lighthouse. Also Knofi in Glasgow, Perry Rose Belle – is Sebastian and many artists such as Franz Ferdinand, the temple has become famous in the world. Scotland is done with direct access to Turkish Airlines. Therefore, we would expect a pleasant journey.

While walking in Scotland’s narrow streets, you must also taste of Scottish food. Every season of the year it attracts many tourists to Scotland, it is subject to a separate visitor flow in August. Many tourists go to Scotland on our country. According to the research people returning from the visit to Scotland is divided by being satisfied with Scotland. The public has a different interest against the Turks. Therefore yourself in the least, though, you can feel like in your country.

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