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Information About Venice Travel, Venice video

Information About Venice Travel, Venice video



Italy is known as the city of canals in Venice dream of every traveler. Every year millions of tourists in this city, which hosts a classical list of places that always plays the summit.

If you wish the Venice of the indispensable point of the Tour of Italy, held in our country, you can go yourself. Moreover, the group wander without hardship, much more central staying in hotels, as well as the way you wish you roam freely without being tied to the group as possible. Of course, good to do some research for a comfortable and enjoyable trip to Venice, as in every trip.

Information about Venice
One of the most interesting cities in the world, Venice. This city is located in a lagoon, one of the best tourist cities in Italy. Although nothing has changed throughout the history was lost in the romantic mood of Venice. At first glance it does not seem a small place consisting of Venice is a great city municipalities. The settlement of the region’s most famous Sestieri consisting of 118 islands.

This city channels appear to be floating above the water, gondolas, and is one of the places visited by the world’s most romantic tours. There is no traffic in Venice. All kinds of transportation is provided through channels. This is perhaps the most basic elements that make the city special. Venice is also a city of art and culture. In particular, 15. and 16. century works has formed in Venice Venice. It mainly occurs in almost every point of the city Renaissance influences. Venice is an Italian city that offers visitors a different setting than many European cities.

Historic Venice: it reflects a historical process that is influenced by many things over the centuries Venetian history. “Venice” When we say there are many names that come to mind. Some of these include: Adriatic Queen, La dominant, City Water, City of Masks, City of Bridges, Floating City, Channels City. “Venice” is the name BC 10. It is believed that century. The first human settlements in Venice 5 BC. – 6. until it goes back centuries. The collapse of the Roman Empire during the barbarian invasions is considered to be the turning point in the history of Venice.

Venetian Byzantine period in the history of city life is considered to start. Of travelers that stop here while traveling and are believed to form small colonies on the lagoon. Over time, these colonies grew and established the city as a whole. Following the opening of new trade routes to European cities it has gained a strategic importance and has continued to develop over time. The recognition of the city made after the expansion of trade in silk and handmade embroidery products, respectively. In 1400 l due to trade in Venice, it has become Europe’s richest city. He said the ship is docked in Venice until 3000 and was built in the heyday many huge and impressive structures in the city. The effects of this period can still be seen in the city.

18. century Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Venice and began a new era. A short time later it was transferred to the city Austria. In this period there has been an unacceptable imperial period. with Italy joining in 1866 it began a period of more stable and this situation is preserved today.

A large part of the historic city was a place of living their autonomy. It is thought that this one is effective at the edge of the sea. If the water for quite a while so this provision has also been a part of united and with Italy after a while.

This city is built on the most important issue that makes it unique waters. The wooden plaques brought from Slovenia were consolidated until it reaches the base. This type of wood is rotting and water can be used for years. But 20. From century in a different direction with the collapse of the historic city of Venice began to take shape. To prevent the deterioration of channel balance is prohibited to use well after 1960. But the city is still prone to sinking. Today it is one of the most famous tourist centers of the world, Venice is home to millions of travelers each year.

Visa & Passport: must obtain a Schengen visa for a trip to Venice from Italy Turkish citizens. If you must have a current visa or a visa before your trip to Italy.

Language: The official language is Italian Italian is spoken in most tourist areas English.

Official Holidays

  • 1 January (New Year)
  • January 6 (Epiphany)
  • Easter Monday (varies)
  • April 25 (Liberation Day)
  • May 1 (Labor Day)
  • June 2 (Republic Day)
  • November 8 (All Saints Day)
  • December 26 (Christmas)

Hours: Many shops in Venice 09:00 to 12:30 and 16:00 – 19:30 is open. The majority of the stores are closed on Saturday and Monday mornings. More tourist spot in the stores often serve every day of the week.

Information About Venice Travel, Venice video
The Grand Canal, Venice

Climate & Best Time to Travel: make definitive judgments about the weather in Venice is often difficult. The rain, the city is weather conditions that affect the most. To determine the most rainfall period is very difficult. But rainfall in the summer and the period following it is becoming quite a lot. Precipitation state change of water level in the city to set aside time and weather also affect the trip. The level of water in the winter time the city came under increasing. Acqua Alta called this November – is experienced intensely from March. When considering the case on the basis of the air temperature in degrees in the summer is around 25 degrees. Spring and autumn are mild passed, can be experienced quite cold days in winter.

Although the winter period as the best time for a trip to Venice is seen in all seasons suitable. The city where winter is the driest period. It also decreases the density of tourists in this season.  January is one of the most popular months for such a reason. Ideal weather conditions and decreased density as well as tourists. Venice has events and festivals held throughout the year. For example; A carnival in February, and the summer art and architecture biennales in the spring, is held in September, the famous Regata Storica. Such organizations are also important for a trip to Venice. The most expensive time to visit Venice is the summer period. The air outside is too hot and no air conditioning in the hotel affect the summer.

It is the worst time for a trip to Venice carnival time period of increased rainfall and where the whole is very crowded. Precipitation resistant clothing and footwear you choose, you can even still affected by both rainfall and from the mosquito bites and infection became widespread in that period. In terms of climate and weather conditions in spring and autumn it is considered to be the most appropriate period. November – January months of the doors can even feel that Venice is just yours. If you are going to Venice during the winter cold, windy and humid air should be prepared. Apart from that, the fog is common. Considering the weather conditions may change during the day is always a good idea for your dress accordingly.

Information About Venice Travel, Venice video
Venice is one of Italy’s most beautiful and tourist city.

Acqua Alta (Flood) Acqua Alta flooding is occurring at certain times of the year in Venice. This flood is quite normal for people living in Venice tourists inside if you can live a very different experience. The water level rose from time to time in the streets of Venice lagoon, streets, squares covers. Water rise may occur several times a year. Especially in the colder months it is more likely to be seen Acqua Alta condition. The most risky period 15 September – is seen between April 15th. Water levels on average 1.5 – 1.8 meters across.

Acqua Alta usually takes several hours and result in high waves. What the water after the tide recedes and the increase in the severity of the situation is understandable. Acqua Alta start when stimulated by residents and tourists sirens. Most of the time the news is announced in advance of rising water levels. After the rise of this wave will last approximately 6 hours.

Acqua Alta detailed information about the status and the train station or the place where the most impact can be accessed from the map that is available from San Marco. It shows relatively dry and high streets in the map. Acqua is located in the Rialto vaporetto piers measuring stations to monitor the situation Alta. Also in the Piazza San Marco Square, there is a table showing the current situation. When the flood began a trip to Venice takes on a very different atmosphere. Travelers in a corner of the city, scroll through the water with bare feet. If you do not want to get wet, you can wear protective nylon clothes you can find anywhere.

Information About Venice Travel, Venice video
If you want to experience a nasty surprise during your trip to Venice it is useful to observe the month will be on a tour.

It is possible to find in almost any drugstore of Venice. You can find out which pharmacy is open where you left off. It also published a list of pharmacies in daily newspapers.

Things to Do in Venice

Most of sightseeing in Venice you have an important place on the lagoon and are spread out in such a way to the neighboring island. The city’s tourist center of San Marco Square. The buildings around the square are some of the most famous places. Grand Canal St. Mark’s Square, the Basilica di San Marco, the Rialto Bridge, the Duke’s Palace, Accademia, Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Ca ‘d’Oro, Ca’ Rezzonico and St. Mark’s Bell Tower is one of the main places you need to sightseeing in the city .

Information About Venice Travel, Venice video
Situated on the Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, one of the most famous buildings.

How to Get to Venice?

As with every shopping trip, of course, one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip to Venice. There are many local gift shop in town where you can get yourself and your loved ones. World-renowned Murano ornaments, made of glassware, leather goods and unique gifts are among the most beautiful city of Venice carnival masks.

Information About Venice Travel, Venice video
You will find many points of the city of Venice colorful mask.

What to eat in Venice?

If the trip overseas uninteresting trouble eating and drinking are one of those nice flavor from each other during a trip to Venice will be waiting for you. Sardine onions, raisins and cooked with peanuts with the sardine made in the Saar is one of the most famous dishes. Risotto al nero di seppia or vermicelli is called the food of the famous local food in the city to another.

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