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Information On Istiklal Avenue, Istanbul

Information On Istiklal Avenue, Istanbul



Istiklâl Caddesi, nestled among the oldest districts of İstanbul Beyoglu, Taksim Square, the area of na from the tunnel. About 1,400 meters in length. As the middle point of the street, Galatasaray high school, at the intersection with New Market Street passing by the street and 50. Year is considered the location of the monument. Paralelinden, together with the other skeleton Beyoglu Tarlabasi Boulevard. covers 9 different neighborhood İstiklal Street, has an average height of 74 meters.

The first embodiment of the street phase begins after the Byzantine period. While the Byzantine terms, there is a colony of Genoa into walled, Galata, the Catholic Church and various Latin communities, incorporates the monastery. Is this side of the Golden Horn, is called Pera. Almost all of the population of Galata, is within the city walls of Galata in the Byzantine period, lively structure … and commercial properties, İstanbul with some reassurance with the passing of Ottoman rule more arrivals, the walls were beginning to fit into the view from the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn La overlooking the slope began to move towards. During this time, stretching across the narrow path along the ridge is considered as time goes on and the silhouette of İstiklal Street was starting to occur. Also in this period, many nationalities moving commercial buildings, merchants and nobles took to the region, today’s İstiklal Street and the surrounding area, migration increased, even as the French Embassy and historic buildings used for production in this period. The process, which follows an English Palace (United Kingdom Embassy Building) were built.

Information On Istiklal Avenue, Istanbul During World War II. Bayezid, which is called in the form of a small mosque in Dörtyol. Asmalı, Rasheed Asmalı mescit, nowadays known as Mes in place, even if it is not kept alive their street name. During the same period, Acemioğlanlar Barracks, made in the period of Suleiman the magnificent (1520-1566) rebuilt the same barracks was built yıktırılıp. This building is the building of Galatasaray high school.

15. Century migration with increasing Muslim population did not increase as fast as the non-Muslim population layout. Pera is called, has settled a large number of people of foreign origin, according to the needs of the population for venues, clubs began to open up. The aliens, their own culture and entertainment approaches, this area yaşatmışlardır. Corresponding to this period the construction again, next to the Church of St. Louis of the French Palace, known as the first Latin Church of Beyoğlu. This construction, was completed in 1628. 17. Street view in centuries, located in the North walls of Galata, Galata Tower The Galata Tower gate, near Palace barracks is up to the school district with the name symbolized the route. The Genoese Ambassador, Netherlands Embassy, Franciscan church, the Church of the Venetian Embassy down a little Terra Sainte, French Embassy, near the British Embassy during this period, some of the sources said buildings in the street. 18. century, the continued development and formation of the street continued. Saint Antoine’s Church, was built in 1752 for the first time. Santa Maria Draperis Church is fire and earthquake disasters of passing, as it stands today was held in 1769. By the end of this century, İstiklal Caddesi from Galatasaray Square of na is a cross section of up to buildings is sporadic after the square houses. Made from wood and Adobe houses in the region.

19. century, İstiklal today’s of the nearest State started to occur. In particular, developments in the second half of this century, on the other hand, depending on the result of the edict of Tanzimat na what happened, along with young people, intellectuals and intellectuals of the Ottoman Empire no longer Emigration istiyaç to appeal to the many buildings built, street has a Western air. As a result of reforms and concessions, gained a more comfortable lifestyle people continued development and expansion of the street for. These developments, especially Abdülaziz accelerating European capitals and the idea of fun and especially in the streets of Paris in the famous cool style was reflected in the street. During this time, laying the stone streets, gas işlemlem, sewage system was made of luminous intensity illuminates the introduction of electricity, the tunnel’s construction, to take place in the streets of the horsecar, numerous infrastructure be checked out of the electric tram service. T ünel and Taksim Mei!, these services are focused in the section between the street and changed the face of.

Information On Istiklal Avenue, Istanbul 20. during the first half of the century, despite the war and the occupation, after the proclamation of the Republic in the name of the street İstiklal Street. Cadde-I Kebir previous period Street, Grand Street, and the Grande Rue de Péra shaped Ungern. History of cinema and art galleries, theaters, restaurants, cafes, pastry shop frequented by and hotels with Majesty and grandeur of the 1917 October Revolution and continuing the İstiklal Caddesi, depending on what happened in the White Russians who fled his country after the civil war of their own culture, their music, became a completely different person with habits reflect on the street make. 19. by the end of the century, and owned the position based on many different languages spoken and while there was a combination of different cultures, the effect of a certain social realities of Republic in ad post policy in and around the street. In this case, the period of time builds up the street does not deteriorate, while experienced 2. A team from the World War II period, foreign taxes, the 6-7 September 1955 events, establishing of the State of Israel that the Jewish State is the intense migration of factors such as the street was starting to get on the old air. Displacements artisans and artists of foreign origin were allocated places, populate with the same qualifications.

Beyoðlu and İstiklal Street, in this process, gradually köhneleşmeye, fakirleşmeye, enjoy that one had been abandoned. Buildings maintenance, some historic buildings was demolished and, ugly and aesthetic refinement was built of concrete piles. Over time, there has been great migration from Anatolia, İstanbul. As a result of these migrations, suburban area settled in the workers, while Beyoğlu and its surroundings is lümpenleşen frequented by people. The street is increasingly corrupt, old air and shooting Center property disappeared. However, since the beginning of the 1990s, there were innovations and changes on İstiklal Avenue. Can go the women and opened many new places can move. The main street was closed to traffic some side roads. Soak up the stones replaced, run-down and dirty in front of the building has been cleared. That was a lot of old buildings, restoration, repair and maintenance work. Istiklal Street, quickly began to catch the former popularity and engaging.

Starting the change in the recent past and extending to the present regulations, traces, in the sense of shopping, eating and having fun in the sense that it has been a great central İstiklal Caddesi, too. Every budget shops, bars, clubs, night sights, restaurants and similar places on the street, they cater to all kinds of people take to the street, perhaps the most cosmopolitan Street feature what İstiklal Street Turkey kazandırmışlardır. Istiklal Cad and located at the end of the street, their voices to tell the whole world Taksim Mey neck together and wanting to call the rights for communities features an action center. Various protests, riots, acts, walks, press releases and similar activities, are carried out on these streets and fields.

Search, streets, squares, historic buildings and neighborhoods back together is a whole. Cosmopolitan structure should be judged as a whole, in the name of the street you can see.

From Taksim Square, the tunnel located on the street istihkametine right, a number of structures is as follows;

* Taksim Republican Monument,
* Taksim Maksemi,
* Consulate General Of France,
* Surp Voskeperan Armenian Catholic Church,
* The Church Of Ayia Trias,
* Abdullah Efendi Restaurant,
* Alkazar Theater,
* The Ağa Mosque,
* Anadolu Pasaji,
* A Labor-Cinema,
* Pearl Bakery,
* Yeşilçam Street,
* Egypt Apartment,
* Aleppo Snippet,
* Tokatlıyan Hotel
* Krepen Passage,
* The Çiçek Pasajı,
* Galatasaray Museum,
* Algeria Street,
* Galatasaray High School,
* Embassy Of The United King,
* Hacopulo Passage,
* Elhamra Cinema,
* The Church Of Saint Antoine
* Panayia Greek Orthodox Church,
* Farah,
* Taylor Impasse,
* Syria Snippet,
* Beyoglu Anadolu Lisesi,
* Netherlands Embassy Building,
* Italy Embassy Building,
* Terra Sainte Church,
* Santa Maria Draperis Church,
* Bay Street,
* Markiz Pastanesi,
* European Snippet,
Consulate General Of The Russian Federation *
* Lebon’s Bakery,
* N. Inn,
* Botter Apartment,
* Sweden Palace,
* Church Of The Crimea,
* A German High School,
* Tunnel Square


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