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It is seen in Turkey Gere 10 Amazing Lake

It is seen in Turkey Gere 10 Amazing Lake



The geography of Turkey has attracted the attention of many civilizations of the past to the present. Located in the natural beauty of our geography, it is attracting the attention of all humanity. Our country is so rich in resources, each step you take is dragging you into a new exciting image.

natural and artificial beauty found in many regions of our country is attracting the attention of tourists. Turkey’s the beauty of our country with our wonderful lake in a further buttressed by four. Let’s look together to the lake where you can catch the tranquility and comfort.

Artvin Karagöl
Artvin is famous for its magnificent landscapes. Greenery and forests with Karagöl famous in our province, has a beauty worth seeing. Artvin is reflected spectacular views of the lake. The colors seem to dance with each other.

There are thousands of varieties of fish Karagöl. Karagöl with stunning views of the traces left of the fish in the water reflects almost a work of art. Karagöl frequented the photography enthusiasts, it is one of the places to be seen seeing. Karagöl environment that surrounds the mountains, the lake has been imbued with a unique beauty.

It is seen in Turkey Gere 10 Amazing Lake  In addition, the lake, the surrounding mountains gives its name. Karagöl, Artvin Şavşat is located at a distance of half an hour away. Lake access can be achieved as easily.

Plenty of Seven Lakes

Autumn is one of the places to be seen, known as the Seven Lakes. Seven Lakes by telling the story does not end. Each has its individual stories. Autumnal was consistent with Yedigöller captivates people with its unique beauty.

Autumn see the redness and yellowness on the Seven Lakes will give you great pleasure. Cruising the increasingly Kapanka Terrace, you can enjoy your fill of the views while sipping tea. Write if you want to install from the scorching heat, Seven Lakes will entertain you all the time.

Ankara – Konya Salt Lake

Salt Lake, has attracted the attention of foreign tourists as well as domestic tourists are affected. Visitors flocked to the Salt Lake during all seasons of the year, it will give you almost the feeling of walking on the snow. sound that will shake your house in every step you take on Salt Salt Lake can experience immerses the spectacular views. The best way to watch the sun glow at dusk offered to us, walking on Salt Lake to watch the scenery.

The whiteness of the sun’s glow with the Salt Lake come together, what stands out a magnificent picture emerges. Many photographers are drawn on the most beautiful square of Salt Lake. If you love taking pictures at you, you must keep the right way to Salt Lake.

Salt Lake Burdur

It is seen in Turkey Gere 10 Amazing Lake  Turkey’s certainly the cleanest and deepest lake is Salt Lake. The lake has found its place in the Taurus mountains. Salt Lake, which is connected to the Yeşilova district also carries a crater lake on the property. It stands out as a mirror to our lake. cleaning with a pure Salt Lake, the year is subject to the influx of visitors during all seasons.

Abant Lake

Abana is a lake in idyllic surroundings of the lake is covered with pine and beech trees. people from almost every season of the year are flocking to Lake Abant. Abant Lake reflects the purity of your natural beauty, covers herself with lotus with the arrival of spring. If you visit the Abant Lake in the spring, and you will see the magnificent pine-scented lilies on the lake adorned with beech trees.

a number of road widening work is done around the Abant Lake recently. If studies marred the natural beauty of the lake, after studies over Abant Lake will meet the former beauty.

Isparta Eğirdir Lake

Eğirdir Lake, among the people ‘Seven Color Lake’ as it is called. The reason for this is the time when the sunlight comes from different reflections on the lake formed. The sun is spinning at certain time intervals on the lake, leaving reflections in gorgeous colors. Eğirdir Lake is Turkey’s second largest freshwater lake. Lake Eğirdir also meets the needs of the city’s water. Lake, Isparta meets the vital resources as well as appeal to the delight of the public eye. Therefore, it is spinning to Isparta, is indeed a source of life.

Ardahan Wild Lake

It is seen in Turkey Gere 10 Amazing Lake  This lake is located within the boundaries of Ardahan and Kars. The most important feature of the lake Ardahan going crazy, Anatolia’s largest 2. This is because the lake. In addition, water is also very sweet. We can not say that this improved around the lake’s vegetation, but has made a lot of livestock in pastures around the lake. This is due to the lake’s fresh water, many fish varieties are available. So Ardahan is also an important part of fishing.

The vast majority of the population is engaged in fishing. Fishing, Ardahan is an important economic income. However, this is sometimes reduced fish stocks. The reason stems from hunting by people unconsciously obey the rules. harsh environment of the lake and the area did not permit much agriculture here.

Some adverse threat to Çıldır lakes as well. If these dangers, erosion and high nutrient input, are due to wrong fishing techniques. It would be wrong to say that the lake is heavily polluted but it has also increased the ongoing domestic pollution.

Konya Meke Crater Lake

This lake name was taken from birds living in the vicinity. Meke Crater Lake was formed by an extinct volcano is covered with water again. islets in the middle of the lake is located. This is another featureless attention to the lake, the lake is not even the most violent rains to soak volcanic mass.

Meke Crater Lake for many years in the same way, remains intact. The reason is that there are lakes of volcanic mass, as we have mentioned previously. But day by day the water consumed in the Konya Basin is unconscious, has led to the drying up of the lake’s water. domain name of this lake of birds in the region is truly a wonder of nature.

Van Lake

It is seen in Turkey Gere 10 Amazing Lake  Van Lake is a volcanic lake set. This lake was formed by the eruption of Mount Nemrut Volcanic. The explosion of the volcanic mountain, has caused the closure of the front of tectonic depressions in the region.

Lake Van, Turkey’s largest lake is known for its being. In addition, there are four islands on the lake. Lake Van is the salty water and soda. In addition, this lake not only in Turkey, is the world’s largest alkaline lake. However, salt and soda to be the water decreasing diversity around the lake.

There is also a legend about the Van lake. It spreads from ear to ear that there was a monster in Lake Van. However, the region is believed that these rumors and to attract tourists to the Lake Van. People who can say that the Van Lake monster in.

Bitlis Nemrut Crater Lake

Nemrut Crater Lake name, named after a Babylonian ruler named Nimrod. This lake was formed by the eruption of Mount Nemrut. Nemrut Crater Lake as the term implies, is a fairly large crater lake. The most important feature of this lake is known as Turkey’s largest crater lake. It also has the second largest crater lake in the world title. There are five lakes inside the crater lake.

Another important feature is the lake have taken a first degree protected area title. This lake has no discharge outward. Nemrut Crater Lake, the hot spring water in the lake is warm even in winter and the water is freezing. Both filled with hot and cold water of this lake is really a wonderful nature. To improve this nature attracts many tourists who come to see the great and tourism, social facilities around the lake, activity places such as ski slopes are also made.


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