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It should be seen in 40 of Turkey’s 40 provincial Space

It should be seen in 40 of Turkey’s 40 provincial Space



Turkey, but also many natural beauties. In the past to the present, our country has maintained its presence in the territory of many civilizations. Civilization has built many valuable works within their own culture. This unique date for Turkey is considered as a big advantage. Turkey’s four corners, is surrounded by natural and artificial beauty. After several battles in the past are history and natural structures were damaged, unfortunately. structure to deteriorate and that even today, the value of a life lost too much. Our country attracts much foreign tourists.

This is because, geography our beauty is due to a unique worldwide. features of our country is the main reason many works done on our territory. Civilizations also it targeted the survival of the works they have built to be permanent in this region have failed. Be a positive advantage for Turkey this love is going through to reach up to the present day’s work. Many place in our country, has managed to attract the attention of domestic and foreign tourists.

Adıyaman – Nemrut

Commagene is located in the ancient city of Nimrod. Nimrod is an important place to understand the history, it attracted attention with sculptures of up to 7 meters. Many domestic and foreign tourists are flocking to Nimrod.

Bartin – Amasra

Amasra, Black Sea is one of the most charming towns in the region. Genoa Castle is one of the most beautiful historical sites ashland. Ashland also has many castles and museums.

Amasya – Yesilirmak

Located in the Central Anatolia region of Amasya, you have a spectacular natural beauty will amaze. The Yesilirmak, awaits you with delicious restaurant on the side.

Antalya – Olympos

and various structures remaining from the Byzantine Roman Empire, Olympus, will provide you with fun and so mysterious holiday. which has one of the world’s most beautiful beaches in Olympos, the beauty of the beach is waiting for you to be able to lay at your feet.

Bursa – Lake Uluabat

Lake Uluabat half an hour away in Bursa, has managed to attract attention with many various species of the host. There are approximately 21 varieties of fish species in the lake.

Izmir – Selcuk

İzmir’s Selçuk district from approximately 8 kilometers to the east of Selcuk, frequently contains peach orchards and vineyards in the body. construction of houses in Sirince, decorated with 19th century architecture. Selcuk is originally a Greek village. Selcuk Situated in the calendar of the Maya in 2012 is meant to be protected from the stink influx of visitors with a single rumor of the city.

Istanbul – Polenezköy

If you want to escape the constricting and suffocating air of Istanbul, Polonezköy the ideal place for you. Space, with in between two rivers, is bestowed peace.

Erzurum – Tortum Waterfall

waterfall, which is approximately 35 kilometers away from the Autum district of Erzurum has 48 meters in height. Asia and Europe’s largest waterfall, is also the world’s third largest waterfall in history records.

Muğla – Köyceğiz

Koycegiz is a port city. Its history is approximately up to 4 thousand years. Safari first choice of those who want to Koycegiz, people are fascinated with the spectacular nature.

Sinop – Prison

Sinop prison was built Seljuks. Sinop prison was used until 1997. Necip Fazil trough in Sinop prison, Refik Halit had slept in famous names like the Karaites and Sabahattin Ali.

Konya – Hz. Mevlana

Konya’s history dates back to ancient times. Konya fell to the road when you need to take first place, undoubtedly is the tomb of Mevlana. Hz. Where the tomb of Mevlana, Konya, welcomes many domestic and foreign tourists.

Trabzon – Uzungöl

Uzungöl is a natural phenomenon caught between the mountains. Uzungöl’de can capture every shade of green, colorful flowers and plenty of oxygen springs are literally drag you in peace.

Nevsehir – Cappadocia

Cappadocia, the world welcomes many tourists throughout all seasons of the year. on behalf of the language ingrained with unique history never to balloon ride in Cappadocia, do not forget.

Sanliurfa – Balıklıgöl

Known as the city of the Prophet Urfa is one of the places frequented by tourists that incorporates Balıklıgöl. Also it Hz. Abraham’s birthplace Urfa show, Urfa has made it unique among Islamic cities.

Edirne – Selimiye Mosque

Edirne is mentioned, one of the first names to mind is undoubtedly the architect Sinan. Edirne Selimiye Mosque to be made has brought out a masterpiece. The Selimiye Mosque is shown as one of the most important works of Turkish architecture is captivating with tiles and decorations.

Denizli – Archaeological Museum

Denizli many can testify to date. These dates include the ancient theater, the Archaeological Museum and the Antique Pool is located.

Pain – Ishak Pasha Palace

Ishak Pasha Palace is located approximately 5 kilometers from the town of Dogubeyazit. Palace consists of 116 rooms. Seljuk Palace in Turkestan and you can see the features of Ottoman architecture.

Army – Boztepe

If you want to watch your fill of the city, Boztepe you are ready to welcome visitors in every season of the year worthwhile. Army has the most clean beaches and sand to watch the Black Sea to the full Boztepe, it is an ideal location.

Bilecik – Willow

Willow, the capital of the Ottoman Empire, located east of Bilecik province 29 kilometers. In Willow Ertugrul Gazi, located in the tomb of Sheikh Edebali and Dursun. Willow is a significant place in the history recalled.

Kayseri – Kültepe

Kültepe has an important history. The oldest inscriptions have been found in Anatolia Kültepede. Excavations carried out in Kültepe you have the chance to watch over.

Isparta – Eğirdir Lake

If you fall way Isparta Egirdir Lake that we have to stop, draw visitors in every season of the year. To that effect take on different colors on the lake with the sun, is known popularly as the Seven Lakes.

Mardin – City Center

Stonework of Mardin where the best treatment we can say. People are shaping the stone floor of a building transforming it into a beautiful image was in Mardin. You should definitely visit the streets of Mardin.

VAN – Van Lake

Legends, movies and novels that are the subject of the motherland magnificent beast. Lake Van, both rumored to be seen with both its natural beauty and has tremendous beauty.

It should be seen in 40 of Turkey's 40 provincial Space Rize – Ayder

Overnights, on behalf of our country and the world for its thermal springs, has taken root. Overnights, Çamlıhemşin is located approximately 15 kilometers.

Mersin – Ashab- I Kefh Cave

In the Koran’s Sura said Kefh Seven Sleepers Cave, located in Tarsus. Every year thousands of people visit the cave by the influx of visitors.

Antalya Alanya

Alanya is known as the cave city. in the world famous Cleopatra cave, the turnout of visitors every day. The cave also has to be good for asthma patients.

It should be seen in 40 of Turkey's 40 provincial Space Elazig – Harput

Elazığ 5 kilometers from Harput, but also many historical artifacts in it. Both castles both museums Harput, is worth a visit space.

Bolu – Yedigöller

between the mountains and lakes once formed, it is popularly referred to as the Seven Lakes. Lake views are worth seeing.

Canakkale – Gallipoli

Everyone who wants to see the traces of the First World War should not be Gallipoli. You should definitely visit the cemetery in Canakkale.

Gaziantep – Nizip

Located in the ancient city of Nizip, it is notable for having the ruins of the Roman period.

Kars – Historical Ruins

Many church in Kars, a caravanserai and a mosque. Surely you must also bear witness to this date.

Artvin – Sahara Plateau

Artvin consists of half of the plateau. One of the springs is also necessary to visit the Sahara plateau.

Karabük – Safranbolu

Safranbolu district of Karabük which is noted for its historic homes worth seeing. Also located in Safranbolu UNESCO.

Batman – Hasankeyf

Located between Mardin and Batman’s Hasankeyf, located at the location where the period of culture with a nominal point.

Ankara – Haci Bayram Mosque and Environment

Of course, Haci Bayram Mosque, and the environment … the old houses and Hamamonu Ankara are among the must-see.

Erzincan – Kemaliye

Kemaliye district of Erzincan, which is worth a visit with nature and architecture is a beauty.

Kütahya – City Center

Located in a historic mosque in the center is almost a masterpiece with detailed tile processing.

It should be seen in 40 of Turkey's 40 provincial Space Eskisehir – Badger Creek

With the renewal of the Badger Creek in Eskişehir is one of the places you should visit this tea.

– Kilis Ravanda Castle

In Kilis Ravanda Castle, it draws many visitors to the site with historical background.

Osmaniye – Over castle

Over the castle has become a symbol of Osmaniye. Standing worth the views of the castle of stone has a beauty.

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