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Late Ottoman crash periods Live Witness; Yildiz Palace

Late Ottoman crash periods Live Witness; Yildiz Palace



Yıldız Palace, Turkish-Ottoman architecture as an example of the last Sultan III. Selim I (1789 1807) was built for his mother Mihrişah Sultan. The Palace, located in the District of Beşiktaş, Istanbul nearly 500,000 sqm.

In the case of a single structure covering a non-Star Palace, the slope of the green field settled into palaces, pavilions, administration, safety, service structures and park as a campus. Yildiz Palace specifically Ottoman Sultan II. Abdul Hamid in 33 years of the reign of the Ottoman Empire’s former Palace, Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace was used as the fourth after Central Administration. During this period, the Palace, the Sultan’s private life belongs to a culture, bureaucratic job allocated to buildings like the garage, carpentry workshops and theaters, museums, library and arts and culture, such as structures. In rivers in the Palace, also called the Moon pool, has an interior garden. It was built in various parts of the garden small relaxation Pavilion. In this garden, aviary, Bird shows his love to the Sultan. Speaking of yıldız Palace “must specify a separate the Şale in parentheses.

Late Ottoman crash periods Live Witness; Yildiz Palace


The best known of the yıldız Palace, and the structure that should be visited Şale. This is the name of the French Pavilion “Mountain House” from the word “chalet”. One of the most attractive structures of the Ottoman architecture is surrounded by high walls in the garden, around the three side-by-side buildings. the first in 1880, Chalet Mansions, rooms and halls were added in the year 1889. Finally, 1898 in third part called “Ceremonial Mansion” Italian architect D Aranco’s signature. German Emperor During World War Ii. Wilhelm in İstanbul a built to stay upon arrival at the mansion that last two-part “State guesthouse”. The most striking place of kiosk, floor Chalet wall-to-wall approximately 406 m2 covered with Hereke carpet in one piece, the ceiling is decorated with gilded panels, splendid Ceremonial Hall.

Yildiz Palace Parts

Big Mabeyn Mansion

The most magnificent mansion Palace Mabeyn Mansion, the Largest was built in 1866 by Sultan Abdülaziz. The most important aspect that makes this magnificent lodge located downstairs with pool, Divanhanesi, and tabzanlı is the output to the second floor stairs made of Crystal used. The Sultan mansion while using the top senior officials of the Palace has used other parts of the mansion. Sultan Mehmet Ii. Abdülhamid period (1876-1909) the State’s central administration building, the Pavilion, as well as the establishment of the Republic in the Ottoman period, then were used for important invitations and banquets.

Late Ottoman crash periods Live Witness; Yildiz Palace

Little Mabeyn Mansion

Sultan Mehmet Ii. Abdul Hamid by in 1901 for the purposes of this mansion built for working and relaxing, the Sultan has witnessed some of the official negotiations. This Sultan, another mansion historical significance during World War II. Abdul Hamid to abdicate is this mansion of the downloaded news. In May 15, 1919, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, 3. In his capacity as Army Inspector Saidin a recent interview with the Sultan Vahidettin before I go again, this is a room of the mansion.

Late Ottoman crash periods Live Witness; Yildiz Palace

Island Lodge

Yildiz Palace is found in this mansion, built in Hafiz Sultan II. Abdul Hamid Aronco in order to relax by the architect Raimondo D either.

Otmar Mansion

Has anyone seen the Bosphorus, the Golden Horn and the Marmara, the chateau built for this reason Abigail is named after him. Otmar Lodge is a lodge, rest and looking completely consists of a wooden structure and the most important of the Palace are doing in terms of decorative arts used. Sultan Mehmet Ii. Abdülhamid mansion’s top floor binoculars with u and throat ı often watched.

Yıldız Palace Theatre

The only surviving Palace Theatre with this theater Sultan II. Abdul Hamid by was built in 1889. German Emperor Kaiser II. Wilhelm was commissioned to visit the Yıldız Palace Theatre in, designed as a rectangle, surrounded on three sides by loca ‘ gym. Right across the stage belongs to the sultana lodges. This is in addition to the domestic game foreign theaters theater groups have taken the stage.

If other important sections of the yıldız Palace are given below;

Yildiz Palace Museum
Department Of Art Nouveau
Sultan Mehmet Ii. Abdülhamid In Special Bath
Little Mabeyn Bath
Museum Of The Performing Arts.

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